This has been quite a crazy Tuesday!
Still catching up with all my editing and filming for this week, after loosing footage for 2 of my new videos.  I won't hide the pain.  I am very sad, because I spent so much time working on those.  :(  
These things happen.  And I'm hoping to get reorganized soon.
But, no worries.    New videos every day, as promised!

And today's video is about my thoughts on the KRISTALS COSMETICS DIAMONDS ANTI GRAVITY SKINCARE LINE.  Specifically the KRISTALS COSMETICS DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Gentle Foaming Milk and the KRISTALS COSMETICS DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Firming Serum. 

Personally, I was very intrigued about using a serum with diamonds in it.  I couldn't resist the temptation of trying these products out.  

So, back in January I blogged about my little experiment going makeup free for 2 weeks and using nothing else but the Diamonds Skincare line on my skin.  But since many of my Youtube subscribers may have missed this, I thought it would be a good idea, to make a video explaining in detail my experience and the results I got after trying this luxury skincare line out.

So if you're researching about diamond infused skincare or curious to learn if it worked for me or now, all you need to do is click and watch :)


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Talk to you again in tomorrow's video!

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