An oil free foundation with undetectable medium to full coverage?
Coconut oil, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid??
I "woke up like this" perfection???
If it sounds too good to be true, and you're still on the fence about this famous Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, you may want to stick around... or better yet, scroll down for my First Impressions video.  



Buyers remorse?  You bet!

More often than not us - beauty bloggers - focus on reviewing products that we love.   Guilty as charged, there were times when I was so excited about new beauty products I was trying out, that most of my blog posts and videos seemed to be shoutouts about all these to amazing products. 
I was so grateful and in love of these.  So, you know, love is a powerful force that inspires us to share :)
However, with time, I found negative reviews extremely helpful when I'm about to spend my hard earned money on a new product.  So today, I'm sharing with your my current top 5 product regrets, in the hopes that you don't make the same mistakes that I did.  



The beauty community seems to be raving about one thing and one thing only lately:  gold infused skincare.
Beauty gurus and youtubers, such as jefreestars, swear by it.
I must confess all the buzz about this luxury gold mask just left me wondering:  is it worth the splurge or would we be better off skipping it?
What happens when you use gold infused skincare?
Well, today we're about to learn more about all of this, as I try this gold mask on myself and in camera for the very first time. 



Wow, what a whirlwind the past few months have been! 
After 7 months I finished remodeling (finally), moved into my new home and was out during the holidays!  Although there's still tons to be done as far as home decor, I am beyond grateful and excited about this new stage in my life.

As part of what looks like a very positive new era, I'd like to announce that I'm also going to be posting / uploading new videos MON-FRI 9AM PT.... starting today!  It is - for sure - a big challenge for me, but I think I finally got myself organized to be able to push myself and get it done.    Every morning I feel the luckiest woman to wake up to do what I love most: content creation.  And I've reached a point where I am ready and confident that I can take it to the next level.

So, without further ado, scroll down and join me in today's video: get ready with me!



I've had the Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Cheek and Lip Sticks set aside for a while.  When it comes to makeup, you guys know that - when possible - I love to try it out in camera, so that you get to experience the thrill of the unknown outcome of my purchase with me.  
(...And hopefully not make the same mistakes I do).

So today, I finally did it!  



You only get one chance to make a good first impression... or so they say.  And although sometimes first impressions can be deceiving, when it comes to makeup, it's the difference between top drawer products and don't-care-if-its-even-reachable ones.  You guys know exactly what I mean.  

Today, I tried out the  IT Cosmetics  Live Beauty Fully brushes for ULTA Collection for the very first time.  I filmed it so that I could share with you my first impressions on the video below.  But, first things first, here is an introduction and pictures of each of the brushes I'll be putting to the test. 



The last few months have been quite intense for me, for multiple reasons. 
( I promise I will eventually make a chit chat video for you guys going into all the details).  
But the most exhausting - and yet super exhausting - project my husband and I have been involved in recently is remodeling our new apartment.  

In other words, long hours managing contractors, buying construction supplies and having my hair and skin exposed to tons and tons of dust.  You get the picture.  Quite a bittersweet ordeal indeed for any human being, and a bit of a nightmare for a self-proclaimed beauty blogger ;)
(Don't get me wrong - all jokes aside - I'm beyond grateful that we got this new place).

So, you may be wondering:  how on earth is this connected to beauty? 



Beauty is not about PERFECTION.  It simply can't be, or nobody would be considered beautiful.
But if there's a certain quality all beautiful people share is that they all have this passion to try to make the best of what mother nature has given them.  

A great example would be skincare.  Taking good care of your skin by understanding its type and main challenges will translate into a more radiant even looking skin we all cherish.

In a nutshell... Want to look great?  You better work girl ;)


SKINCARE | Adore Cosmetics Oxygen Booster Kit Review *

There's a skincare line designed to restore oxygen to your skin cells promising a renewed and more glowing complexion.  Who would have thought!   But does it REALLY work THAT well to justify the splurge?!  We're about to find out...



My blog has been attracting quite a few luxury skincare products lately. So I will be making a series of blog posts and videos reviewing different high end skincare brands, as I try them out and come to a conclusion about them. Ahhh... The perks of being a beauty blogger / vlogger really get to their highest point when I get the chance to give these a go!  It's not that high end necessarily equals high quality... But, there's something about an item's price point that's instantly intriguing!  Does it REALLY work THAT well, we always wonder.  


BEAUTY | Diamonds for your Skincare?! Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Review *

As a beauty blogger, you sometimes have the illusion that you've seen and tried it all... But diamonds on my skincare??!  That sure was new for me and certainly felt too intriguing of a challenge to resist.    So, as you can see, I quickly embraced this once in a lifetime opportunity to try out this luxurious skincare line, containing such a unique ingredient.   

Here's how my little beauty experiment went:  through a 2 week period ALL that touched my face was Kristals Diamond skincare line.  Sounds so fancy, huh?  And to make it as accurate as possible, I went makeup-free during these 2 weeks, so that no other factors could alter my results.

Miracle or Hype?  
Patience ladies and keep on reading :)


SKINCARE | Adore CellMax Kit Review and Giveaway* [CLOSED]

My main goal this year on my blog is that you guys get to experience ONE of the perks of Beauty Blogging TOO: trying some of the most amazing beauty products out there for FREE!  And that's why at the beginning of this year I announced MONTHLY giveaways , some will be sponsored and some have already come out of the hard earned pennies of Yours Truly, but ALL of the above will be announced on my Youtube Channel and exclusive to all my subscribers... so you CAN'T miss what's coming.

That brings me to today's video!  There's so many reasons you will want to watch it, that I honestly almost don't know where to begin.    If for some reason you've been hidden under a rock and you haven't heard of Adore Organic Innovation, let me give you a quick hint:  Think of skincare... but not ANY type of skincare.  Think high end, luxury, OMG, celebrity-level skincare.   

You've probably already read my review on the Adore CellMax Kit.  And since that post went very popular very fast, I thought I'd make a video to show you some footage on the Adore CellMax Kit in more detail and share an update on my personal experience using this kit.  

AND as a BONUS, I am making a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Thank to this collaboration with Adore Cosmetics you have a chance to WIN an Adore CellMax Kit yourself worth over $2,000 USD!  And there's 4 more prizes!  So keep on reading.



Go far, travel light.
Easier said than done of course.
But my goal today is to help you out a bit, and show you my current makeup essentials that I find super practical to take with me on a vacation.
Pretty convenient, since I'm currently on a a mini break myself!



So I finally gave this famous Tangle Teezer Brush a go!
I purchased it not so long ago, you may have watched my Sephora haul video, not too long ago, where I showed it for the first time.
I must admit I was intrigued, so saving it for a First Impressions video where I try it out for the very first time in front of you guys, was a difficult task!

I'm still shocked by what happened, but see it for yourselves...



2016 hasn't even started yet and I'm already loving it!
I have a feeling this is going to be a great year for all of us.
This is why I've decided to celebrate it with some great news.

Starting January I'm going to be hosting MONTHLY giveaways.
Yes, EVERY single month of 2016, you will get a chance to WIN some goodies for your makeup collection.

ALL you need to do to secure a PERMANENT ENTRY on ALL 12 giveaways throughout 2016 is: 



How do I get rid of Redness?

If you are a chronic redness sufferer, chances are you've asked yourself this question multiple times.
And, yes I'm one of you!

I have the most sensitive skin I've ever known and through the process of managing redness, I've tested out EVERYTHING from home remedies to millions of drugstore and high end products in the hopes of finding the right one which would soothe my skin.

In today's video, I review 19 skincare products.  Some have worked better than others.
Some are specific for rosacea, others for allergic skin, and some for redness connected to dryness.  I'm sharing all I've learned this far.
Whatever the reasons behind your redness, I am positive that my personal experience with all these alternatives will help you out in some way. 


BEAUTY | Christmas Hair & Makeup Look - Featuring Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Happy  Ho-Ho-Holidays ;)
It is that time of the year... where you just need to believe in the magic of the season.

What will you be wearing?
Here's my Hair and Makeup Look video tutorial for this Christmas, that will hopefully inspire you!


REVIEW | Benefit Highbeam OR Sunbeam... THAT is the question!

Benefit Cosmetics Highbeam OR Sunbeam - which one wins???
In today's post I'll try to help you answer this.

If you're into the strobbed or dewy look, you're probably out shopping for some awesome highlighters, and Benefit Cosmetics has 2 liquid luminiscent complexion enhancers that I happen to own!   I will compare both these products for you on today's video and help you solve the mystery!


BEAUTY | HOLIDAY INSPIRED LOOK with Sephora Happy Holiday Glitter Brush Set

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is always something to be grateful for.
Even in the most challenging times, we can say thank you for so many things that we usually take for granted, don't you think?

Personally I'm grateful and humbled by the increasing support I've received on my Blog and Channel.
Over 100 THOUSAND people have given this little place in the internet their support this year...  And you have no idea how much gratitude I have in my heart.  
As a blogger, it's hard to say this, but I am indeed out of words to describe it.

So, a HUGE THANK YOU to you ALL!

That's said, here's more Beauty & Makeup for you all in today's post... that's why you're here in the first place, isn't it?  And I have a very special Holiday Makeup Look Tutorial for you. AND a demo of my current Favorite Brush Set:  the Sephora Happy Holiday Glitter Brush Set... Yes!  2 in 1 :)

Scroll down for pictures and much more !



Let me show you my latest splurges on my first Haul!
Today's video is a sneak peak at what's coming on my channel.
Some of these products will be reviews, others first impressions, part of makeup tutorials and finally some will be Regrets!

But today, I'm excited about ALL of them.
And on this HUGE HAUL, I will share with you the reasons behind my purchases.


REVIEWS | Benefit 10, Hoola & Sugarbomb Review & Tutorial [ PICS & VIDEO ]

Big Hair, don't care.

Let's get one thing out of the way before you mention it.
Yes, I'm wearing clips all over my hair.  And no, I haven't lost it ;P

Here's my excuse:  
I was in the middle of getting ready for a dinner party I had that same night and trying this new tip I heard about that if you let your curls cool down in its own shape they will last longer... so I just HAD to give it a go!  You know I'm all about curls lately :)

Now that that's settled, I feel you're psychologically prepared to watch today's video!
True, REAL life backstage of me getting ready + more...

I will FINALLY be reviewing and demoing, as highly requested by you guys, the Benefit Cosmetics Box-O-Powders.  I own 3 of them:  Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10 and Benefit Sugarbomb.


REVIEWS | L'Oreal Butterfly Intenza Mascara First Impressions and Comparison with Miss Manga

"You'll never get a second chance...
to create a really good first impression"
~Will Rogers

Granted, first impressions can be mistaken, but they are really important.
When it comes to makeup, a bad first impression can put a product on my bottom shelf for years.
Top drawer is for reliable products that I wouldn't hesitate to use on the every day life, when I have very little time to get ready.

That said, this is my first FIRST IMPRESSIONS video.
And I chose a very highly requested product for this: L'Oreal VOLUMINOUS BUTTERFLY Mascara.

I also documented the product performance and comparisson with an oldie but goodie Miss Manga mascara in pictures, for my lovely readers.  So scroll down for more!



Your wishes are my command my friends ;)
I am reading all your requests on my blog posts and video comments.
After my CASUAL FALL LOOK TUTORIAL, you guys kept asking me to go bolder and more dramatic for this fall.  And so I finally this week I filmed today's tutorial.

Scroll down for video!



Shopping for new brushes soon?  
Here's an honest review you may find helpful, before you spend your money!

I got the Macy's Get the Pulse 8pc Brush Set as a present from my parent's last trip to Miami, Florida.  It was about a year and a half ago, and I swear it looked so pretty when I first saw the set - maybe because I've never owned a complete brush-set back then - that I literally didn't dare even use it for a few months!  But did it live up to my expectations? 
Hmmm...  Keep reading!



Braziiiil  La La La La La La La Laaaa

Not sure where that came from.
Maybe it's the end of Spring here in the Southern hemisphere that woke it up.  But as long as we're still longing for the summer, and it won't hurt my readers in the north either, I came up with a gorgeous colorful and bold look.  
My inspiration came from the colors of the flag of a neighboring country where I've spent so many unforgettable summers: Brazil.

You may not know WHEN your escape to Rio de Janeiro will happen.  BUT when it DOES you will certainly know which makeup look you'll be wearing thank to today's video tutorial!

And if you never do, at least we stepped out of our nudes comfort zone for a bit, to see how we can play around with color and get away with it!



You know that feeling.
You find the right foundation, mascara or bronzer.  You never thought you could run into that perfect shade that's oh so flattering for you.  You walk around feeling like a million dollars and your friends shower you with compliments. It feels SOOO good.
 And then a shiver goes down your spine when you wonder: "What if it gets discontinued???".

I've been there myself.  And that's why I came up with my "Backups Case".  
A makeup case where I store extras of my current most precious holy grail items.

Let me show you my treasures and guilty pleasures on this video!



Lip definition is highly underestimated if you ask me.
Once you master the basics of lip contouring and highlighting you can benefit from its universally flattering effects.
Granted, it may be just a bit time consuming for your everyday makeup look, but a special night out may be worth the trouble.

Scroll down for my video tutorial, products used and more to get you started right away!


BEAUTY | How I Curl My Hair

I've always felt cautious about things that look too simple.
They VERY rarely are.  Getting those dream Victoria Secret curls, is one of those.
You're not using a curling wand, you're dealing with a WEAPON here!
You face the risk of burning yourself or someone else, damaging your hair or setting something on fire.  And it sounds dramatic and hilarious I know, but I could tell you loads of friend's anecdotes that prove this actually does happen more often than NOT.

Enough said, we need to have a chat about this.
This curling wand CAN most certainly become your MAGIC wand, with a few quick tips!


BEAUTY | PINK OUT! Breast Cancer Awareness Video Tutorial

The month of October is about more than just raising awareness of breast cancer, it’s about taking action.    

You may think you're too small to make a difference.  We can all help by spreading the importance of annual mamograms. But be sure that, just by reminding your friends and loved ones, you will be helping someone.  And, most importantly, take a little time for yourself and schedule that appointment.  I know... who's got time, right?  

The fact is, we all have time... if we catch it early.

  The Youtube Beauty Community has posted several videos, to help raise awareness.  And this PINK OUT Makeup Look and Tutorial is my tiny contribution.


BEAUTY | L'Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara Review - IS IT WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY?

I am not a BIG FAN of fake lashes.  
Granted, I DO wear them occasionally.  But I just find them terribly uncomfortable.  
Maybe I haven't found my 'other half' yet when it comes to them, but in any case, there's nothing more suitable for me than a GREAT mascara that delivers what it promises, without breaking the bank.

While the search for the PERRRRFECT product continues, I have encountered a few drugstore alternatives worth considering, AND a few other HUGE dissapointments. Today I decided to finally upload a video reviewing and demonstrating L'Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara.

In this video I discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.  Scroll down to watch and find out my final "verdict" before you purchase it.  And, while we're at it, I'll throw in a beauty hack to extend the life of ALL your mascaras and save you some money!



I may be a few days late, but I still dare say:  Bring on the Fall!
And to honor the season, I decided to post a new makeup tutorial with a nude look to FALL for ;)
Every time I've wore this look on the past few days, I've received some very nice compliments, so I thought it was one of those worth sharing with you guys.



FOOD | What I Ate Wednesday

"I'm on a SEAFOOD diet.  I SEE food... and I eat it".

Although I'm clearly not taking credit for the above, I just had to borrow it because it fits perfectly for today's What I Ate Wednesday.  Delicious fresh fish... in generous quantities!



Casual and feminine.
Perfect for all skin tones and lifestyles, PINK will always help me achieve that Oh-so-glam-but-effortless day look.  So here's today's makeup look using different cosmetics brands, with one thing in common, some lovely and very wearable shades of pink. And as BONUS, a few quick tips for some sexy relaxed loose curls.




HOLIDAY SHOPPING | 15 Labor Day Amazon Fashion Deals - 20% OFF ONLY UNTIL 9/7 HURRY!

When you see discounts THAT's the time to buy!

Amazon Fashion is giving 20% OFF ONLY UNTIL NEXT MONDAY on already reduced priced items.  So I simply had to check them out.   If you haven't stopped by AMAZON for some time, I can tell you the shopping experience for FASHION has improved SO MUCH.  They now show you a short video of the actual model in the picture turning around, so you can see the outfit from different angles and figure out if it is right for you.   So, back to labour day discounts, they have 167 PAGES of fashion items, and I literally went through ALL the dresses and JEANS listed this week to present you with my selection today.

Let's jump right into my list!


What I Ate Wednesday | 6 Vegan Dinner Recipes!

Flirting with veganism.

That's a good description of what I've been doing the past week or so.  When it comes to lifestyle eating habits, I always think it is a good thing to try different diets and see which one makes you feel more energized.  I learned a lot the past week about the vegan diet, and there's really so many great reasons to become one.  In a nutshell, vegans have a deep respect towards animals and eat a plant based diet.  This includes dairy products, besides from the more obvious such as meat.

I know what you're thinking: "Oh my, that sounds so restrictive.  What COULD I eat as a vegan?".  Rest assured, there's really a WORLD of veggies, seeds and spices nobody talks much about, that you should include in your diet, regardless of whether you're seriously planning to become a vegan or just flirting with it. Here's 6 extremely easy and healthy vegan dinner recipes, that you can try out to discover more of this lifestyle yourself.



"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing".
~ Aristotle.

I recently made a "come back" to the blogosphere.  It's not like I was ever completely gone.  But the past year and a half I was really busy and my mind, energies - and most of my time - was... somewhere else... Too bad - but oh so real.  Getting my focus back to my blog has,  as it usually happens when creating your own path, educated me about myself.

Last week I made a HUGE mistake.  

I went over the first posts of my blog and the first videos I uploaded years ago.  I saw blurry pictures from my old camera, a design that I couldn't identify with anymore,  videos that were too long or too short, some others in which I was too nervous, rambling or that had bad lighting, comments I hadn't answered in months. And I suddenly had this urge of 'starting it all over again'.  Yes, I seriously considered deleting many of my blog posts and videos, and simply starting from scratch.   Hours, Months, Years of work... were no longer good enough for me.  They didn't portray me with the blogging, photography or video editing skills I have now acquired after so many years. And I wanted NO witnesses of this.  They had to GO.


LOOKS | Face of the Day - Birthday Dinner

We should all celebrate more often.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, and we went out for dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant.   What else could an Italian family do right?  And, on top of this, he was going to introduce us to his new girlfriend.  Really, that alone took the event to a whole other level!  All this translates to any beauty blogger as: plenty of excuses to play around with some makeup.  

So for this special evening dinner out, I went for a soft gold, almost champagne makeup look.  I've lately gone blonder, and have been obsessed with how well neutrals and shimmery gold pigments go with my new hair.  So, if you want to learn the what, how and why and get the look yourself, just keep reading :)


Lifestyle | My Top 5 Health Tips

At least in theory, staying healthy is actually quite simple.  I think the biggest challenge I've had for years in this area has been thinking that being healthy was a place where I would arrive one day and settle there forever in glory! And, unfortunately for good old me, it really isn't that way at all.   On the contrary, I soon found out that it is a constant attempt to keep up good positive habits and make the other ones as small as we possibly can.  And definitely correcting any 'slips' along the way fast enough for damage control is a big part of it too.
#5  I keep track of where I am, where I'm coming from and where I want to be
Please, do not interpret this one, as obsessing with weighing myself and exercising.  Because I'm NOT doing that and I do NOT advise you to do it either.   That said,  I do believe it's important to have an objective measure of where I stand, what I have accomplished and what my future goals are, to keep me motivated.

There are 2 very cool iPhone apps that I find very nice and helpful for this:

FASHION FRIDAY | 8 August Fashion Obsessions

While summer is here - at least for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere - we can still obsess about creating those outfits that show some skin...  Plus, you can shop today for a lot less than at the beginning of the season .... and if done wisely you will wear your items for summers to come!   For those of us down here - in the South of the globe - we can get our closets ready for upcoming Spring and Summer.

So this goes to all of us female-fashion-junky-earthlings: my new monthly obsessions - items I've purchased myself and that will most likely make it to my closet real soon if the mail allows it!  Some of these items are currently on SALE, so if at any time you wish to get one, you can simply click and start shopping :)

... keep reading if you'd like to learn why and where I purchased each one!



Here's a funny anecdote I never told you guys about... And before I begin, I'd like to say, I'm aware ALL cat owners think their cats are truly AMAZING and EXTRAORDINARY...  But really < modesty off> MY Lola is OUT of this world :)  And if you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably learned a bit about her already, but, give me some time, and I will share with you a lot more anecdotes, pictures and videos that prove I'm not exaggerating when I say this.

So, let me tell you about the first time I noticed Lola, my exotic shorthair Kitten, could see in 2D.  I think it was about a year and a half ago, she was only 6 months old.  My husband was travelling every quarter to Minneapolis, Minnesota for business.  And Lola and I were staying at home all by ourselves.  Even though I was pretty busy with a heavy workload myself, and that helped while he was away, my husband and I have worked together, sometimes with different clients, but mostly sharing the same office space, for almost as long as we've been married.  We are rarely apart, so I was glad I had Lola to keep me company on the days he was away.


TIP TUESDAY | How to Drink More Water

We don't need no lecture on the importance of drinking water.  You and I have heard it a million times: helps in weight-loss, detoxes the body, clears the skin, gets rid of headaches, among other great benefits.  There's nothing new in all this and still, we all have such difficulties getting as much of it as we need each day ( at least 3 litres or 100 oz). Why oh why do we resist to feel better, by this simple act of drinking H20? It's just puzzling, isn't it?  I will tell you why... It feels boring and dull. There, I said it!  I must confess, that I need to make a conscious "note-to-self" every single day or I will very easily fail to drink enough water.

Now, that said, I've lately been doing a much better job at this, so I wanted to share my new and very simple 3 tips, that you can put them into practice right now, to stay hydrated.


MOTIVATION | 20 Reasons Why You ARE Enough - No Matter What You've Heard!

You REALLY are ENOUGH.  Not in a year, or 10...  Right now.   You  DON'T have to wait for the right time, for the right moment, for the right education, for the right weight, for the right man, for the right approval, for the right amount of money to prove to yourself what you're worth... You truly ARE enough, and ALWAYS were.

You may have been told otherwise, and may be doubting these lines for a minute....  So let me I'm tell you more about who you are.  I'VE SEEN YOU.  I've witnessed you EVERY day and EVERYWHERE.
  1. You are SO VALUABLE:  You are a hard working woman, underpaid in comparison to your male peers at work.  And yet NOTHING stops you.  You can have the strength and determination to keep fighting for what you know you're worth.


Throwback Thursday | The origin of my #1 guilty pleasure ;)

My biggest guilty pleasure, up to this date, is by far, to have breakfast in bed!  But hear me out when I say, it has become more of a NEED and I will explain why in just one second.  For this extravagancy, I have to "blame" [ or thank ] my Dad.  Every single morning since I can remember he used to prepare and bring each and every one of our family members breakfast in bed.  How sweet AND rare is that?!  And how spoiled were we???!!!

Here's proof!  [And before you even mention it in the comments: Yes, the secret's out! I'm not a natural blonde!  Bet you're probably not THAT shocked are you?].


Makeup Monday | Try Benefit Cosmetics Top Sellers for less!

So you've read tons of reviews and still can't make up your mind, on which Benefit products are right for you.  They all look amazing and their packaging is to DIE for, right?! You really don't need to spend a small fortune to try them all and make your selection... if you follow this one simple tip!

Do NOT go for full size products before you've actually tried them FIRST.

Although I have NEVER bumped into Benefit products that have disappointed me, I haven't repurchased them all either - for reasons that had NOTHING to do with their quality or concept - such as compatibility with my lifestyle needs, skin tone or skin type.  Fortunately, Benefit realizes this, and there's an easy way to spend less and try more of them:  Buy their special Kits filled with Benefit Top Seller minis !

Here are 6 options ( in no particular preference order), so you can pick which one has the right combo of products you've been meaning to get. Plus each kit provides a tips & tricks brochure on how to effectively use and combine the products in each one.


FOOD | What I Ate Wednesday

Here's it is!!!  I am SO guilty of skipping these Wednesday posts for more Wednesdays than I could possibly keep track of... But What I Ate Wednesdays are now back.

I have missed these, but the habit of taking pictures of everything I eat has stuck with me nonetheless.   Although slowly, I will surely fill you in on what went on last year. I have decided to start back-blogging ( ???  yes, I just made that up) on the most memorable times I didn't get to share.

Hopefully that will unveil some of the mystery :P

But what better time than TODAY to resume these delicious weekly chronicles, hm?
Here's to new beginnings and lots of great food to come!

I've been trying to cut back on processed carbs, so for breakfast, I had an egg white omellete and some dark coffee with Sucralose.  I like to have protein for breakfast, although this is not a very common thing in Argentina.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but the traditional Argentinian breakfast would be toast and jam or pastries, along with your coffee. 
 I guess I'm not very traditional :)


REVIEW | Adore Cosmetics CellMax Luxury Skincare Kit*

Every beauty blogger's dream is to review those high-end beauty products that only celebrities have access to...  it's one of the benefits of this job! So the moment I learned about Adore Organics Cosmetics, it instantly caught my attention.  I think you'll be interested in reading this one, because I very rarely try or review new skincare products or foundations on my blog.  The reason, as many of you already know, my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. I am FORCED to be selective and cautious on the very rare occasions when I do blog about this topic. Now, that said, I personally reached out to Adore, a luxury skincare brand and expressed my interest in reviewing their products.  Lucky me they answered!  

Adore Cosmetics kindly sent me one of their top products, the CELLMAX Kit, almost a year ago and I have been consistently using it as part of my skin care routine about 3 times a week.  I clearly had no pressure whatsoever to make a review in exchange for the free products, and the proof is a whole year has gone by!  [Trust me, unfortunately this isn't a common thing, and that alone speaks highly of the company behind these products].  So here's my truth and nothing but my truth... 



Opportunity knocks at our doors this weekend.  If you've been waiting for special discounts to buy some of the items in your wishlist this may be your time to do so.  Top brands are offering CRAZY discounts during Memorial Day and I've listed 30 DISCOUNT CODES I could find just for YOU on today's blog post.

Scroll quickly through them all, copy the one you need and click to start shopping for much less!

Andrew Marc // 30% off of spring 2015 and additional 30% off of sale |  CODE: MEMDAY30    |      DATE: 5/20-5/25

Anthropologie // 20% off sale  | CODE:  No code needed!  

Asos // 20% off  |  CODE: LONGWKND |   DATE: 5/21-5/26
Continue reading to find even more discount codes!


MAKEUP | New Hair & Makeup of the Day!

Last week I got a makeover, so to speak...  I have a new haircut that I'm ABSOLUTELY loving.  It's a layered style. The change may not be too dramatic for YOU, but for ME... I tell you, it took GUTS!
As you know I had very long hair all evenly cut straight.  I've spent my entire marriage ( 7 years! ) growing it back to where I had it, and super healthy, so I was reluctant to change it.

Now, I can tell you I don't regret it one bit. I am extremely into this layered haircut.  It is SO EASY to achieve a beach wave style with my curling ion, now that I have layers.

FOOD | What I Ate Wednesday

For all you foodies like me out there, here's another recap of what I ate yesterday.  I'm not following any particular diet this week.  I did keep in mind to make smart healthy choices and specially to stay away from processed foods, but I'm not counting calories or looking to put down any weight right now.


You can catch me zipping some black coffee, as I try to wake up in the morning, from my new favorite mug from Van Houtte.  This is a coffee store my husband and I visited quite often during our stay in Quebec, Canada last summer.


LIFE | Sailing Sunday!

Hi my InsideOut Beauties!

I don't know about you guys, but there are very few things that relax me as much as looking at water.  It really soothes me and helps me let go of any negativity.

That is why sailing is one of my favorite weekend activities.
And even though I don't own a boat myself, I am a  very lucky girl that gets invited to sail up our River quite frequently :)

So, this weekend I thought it would be a great idea to take some pictures of my day out sailing.
Now, in this pictures I might look a little bit lonely, but I was actually with my family on board!


It was a gorgeous sunny day, yet not too hot.

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