FOOD | What I Ate Wednesday

Here's it is!!!  I am SO guilty of skipping these Wednesday posts for more Wednesdays than I could possibly keep track of... But What I Ate Wednesdays are now back.

I have missed these, but the habit of taking pictures of everything I eat has stuck with me nonetheless.   Although slowly, I will surely fill you in on what went on last year. I have decided to start back-blogging ( ???  yes, I just made that up) on the most memorable times I didn't get to share.

Hopefully that will unveil some of the mystery :P

But what better time than TODAY to resume these delicious weekly chronicles, hm?
Here's to new beginnings and lots of great food to come!

I've been trying to cut back on processed carbs, so for breakfast, I had an egg white omellete and some dark coffee with Sucralose.  I like to have protein for breakfast, although this is not a very common thing in Argentina.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but the traditional Argentinian breakfast would be toast and jam or pastries, along with your coffee. 
 I guess I'm not very traditional :)


REVIEW | Adore Cosmetics CellMax Luxury Skincare Kit

Every beauty blogger's dream is to review those high-end beauty products that only celebrities have access to...  it's one of the benefits of this job! So the moment I learned about Adore Organics Cosmetics, it instantly caught my attention.  I think you'll be interested in reading this one, because I very rarely try or review new skincare products or foundations on my blog.  The reason, as many of you already know, my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. I am FORCED to be selective and cautious on the very rare occasions when I do blog about this topic. Now, that said, I personally reached out to Adore, a luxury skincare brand and expressed my interest in reviewing their products.  Lucky me they answered!  

Adore Cosmetics kindly sent me one of their top products, the CELLMAX Kit, almost a year ago and I have been consistently using it as part of my skin care routine about 3 times a week.  I clearly had no pressure whatsoever to make a review in exchange for the free products, and the proof is a whole year has gone by!  [Trust me, unfortunately this isn't a common thing, and that alone speaks highly of the company behind these products].  So here's my truth and nothing but my truth... 



Opportunity knocks at our doors this weekend.  If you've been waiting for special discounts to buy some of the items in your wishlist this may be your time to do so.  Top brands are offering CRAZY discounts during Memorial Day and I've listed 30 DISCOUNT CODES I could find just for YOU on today's blog post.

Scroll quickly through them all, copy the one you need and click to start shopping for much less!

Andrew Marc // 30% off of spring 2015 and additional 30% off of sale |  CODE: MEMDAY30    |      DATE: 5/20-5/25

Anthropologie // 20% off sale  | CODE:  No code needed!  

Asos // 20% off  |  CODE: LONGWKND |   DATE: 5/21-5/26
Continue reading to find even more discount codes!


MAKEUP | New Hair & Makeup of the Day!

Last week I got a makeover, so to speak...  I have a new haircut that I'm ABSOLUTELY loving.  It's a layered style. The change may not be too dramatic for YOU, but for ME... I tell you, it took GUTS!
As you know I had very long hair all evenly cut straight.  I've spent my entire marriage ( 7 years! ) growing it back to where I had it, and super healthy, so I was reluctant to change it.

Now, I can tell you I don't regret it one bit. I am extremely into this layered haircut.  It is SO EASY to achieve a beach wave style with my curling ion, now that I have layers.

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