Go far, travel light.
Easier said than done of course.
But my goal today is to help you out a bit, and show you my current makeup essentials that I find super practical to take with me on a vacation.
Pretty convenient, since I'm currently on a a mini break myself!

So without further ado, here's my Sephora Travel Makeup bag  !
There's a ton of goodies that I'm loving right now inside,  So make sure you checkout my What's In My Travel Makeup Bag Video for more chit chat on these.

Here are a few highlights.
First of all the bag: it was a big HIT!
Practical, small, washable, expandable... a great find for me.

You can spread it over a bed and actually see what you've got without getting everything dirty with makeup.  So it's biggest plus is the design, super practical.
And look at all the stuff it fits inside.
I was able to pack everything I needed, and more!

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Quo Blending Sponge (  similar to http://rstyle.me/~62Yoi )

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