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Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

For those of you into fashion, planning a wedding or dreaming about one, I just thought I'd share a few wedding pictures of my City Hall Wedding Dress!

I simply adore this dress.  I would describe it as romantic!  So, perfect for a wedding!  It was actually one dress over another one.  The  petticoat underneath was a stronger champagne color, and the dress on top was translucent with many embroidered little flowers of a Creamy Champagne color.  It also had a silk champagne lace as a belt at the waist (see the picture below).

I got married at the beginning of Autumn back in 2008.  And it was a perfect sunny day, not too hot, not too cold. 

Still, to complete the outfit  I wore a silk shawl, that had a pattern of thin silk stripes and knitted silk laces on other bits on a stronger beige golden champagne-ish color. 

The Bouquet was the only pink thing I wore that day.  It was a light pink roses bouquet, with a tulle pink lace and ribbon.

 In this picture you can see my shoes, which were light silver sandals with medium height heels.  But most of all... you can see our happiness! 

My hair was down and I wore a very neutral makeup, because it was in the morning, and I wanted to look as natural as possible.  I didn't do my makeup that day, because I had worked the previous day until very late in the afternoon, and I had to wake up really early and get ready really fast.  So I hired a professional makeup artist to help me do this, in case I got too nervous with such little time.

This is my favorite picture.  I have it in my apartment's corridor and look at it every single day.   It's just such a sweet picture!  Isn't it?  And so many years later, I still love my husband so so so much.  He's my soul mate, my best friend, my accomplice!  And he still grabs me and kisses me like this!

I still have my civil ceremony dress, actually I have both, my Religious Ceremony dress too. And they both still fit! Yay!!!

I'm not sure when, but I hope to be able to find the right time to wear it once again...  Maybe for an Anniversary, or the baptism of my first child or if we ever re-marry by the beach or in Vegas...?!

I don't know, but it is a dress that can we worn on a different occasion, that's for sure!

Did this make you want to get married?  Engaged?  
Renew Vows?

Wish you all happiness and love!
Whatever your situation is right now... never stop loving or dreaming about love :)

Leave you to this 1 min video of the most important day in my life <3

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  1. Aw, Heidi, that looks like a beautiful ceremony and you looked stunning as always! Your dress is gorgeous and that shawl perfectly completes the whole look. Congrats to you and your hubs. That last photo just takes my breath away, you guys look so in love! Thanks for sharing this.
    - Jodi

    1. Thanks Jodi!!! It was a wonderful day in my life... But time has gone by sooo quickly! 5 years in a couple of months!

  2. Ah Your so beautiful! Stunning dress too :) Lots of love x

  3. I love the dress, and both of you look so so well together, thanks for sharing the lovely pics. As you said, this makes me want to get married! Lol
    Maria C

    1. Awww Thanks Maria! I´m a romantic so can´t wait for your wedding pics <333 I´ll go checkout your blog now!

  4. ..awwee..God bless you both..adorable couple!
    you look like a princess Heidi!! So beautiful! Keep Smiling!!


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