LONG HAIR CARE | AMAZING FINDING !!! Dove Damage Therapy Review & Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

 I was just about to spend a lot of money on a permanent straightening treatment called CHI, when I almost accidentally tried this Vital Keratine Shock Treatment from the Dove Damage Therapy Line.
My hair was so damaged and out of control at that point that the freeze made it absolutely unmanageable   I finally had my hair at the exact length I had always dreamed of, but kept using it up in a bun because it looked out of control even after blow drying and using a flat ion!

This product did not only save me a lot of money and headaches... 

it literally SAVED my hair by giving it back the keratin it had lost.  

So I just HAD TO review it and tell everyone about THIS amazing treatment, that is a DRUGSTORE product!  I've always been a fanatic of professional brands and the answer to my problem was in these 2 tubes I got at my DRUGSTORE? !

I've been using this religiously once a week for 4 months, and it has helped so much, that it has become a product I can't live without!

You can ask my husband and friends how much I talk about this product and worry when it's not available at the drugstore.  I wonder, and hope, it helps you too.

Please, watch the complete tutorial and my review on this product by clicking on the video below.

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