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  • FREE SAMPLES:  I'd like to think of this as a PR Friendly blog, but please note that submitting a free sample for possible editorial review, does not guarantee the product will be reviewed by me.  I will only review those that I like/would have bought myself and would recommend to a friend :)  Posts on products sent to me by companies for free, will be marked with an *.   If you'd like to discuss a Sponsored Post or promote your product in my blog, please visit the sponsors section.
  • FAN MAIL:  I'm very grateful for all the readers and subscribers that have contacted me with the intention of expressing their love and appreciation through a gift or to those that wish to mail me a product for me to review and give my opinion on.  Although this is absolutely NOT necessary, I appreciate your kindness and support very much.  

Please, note that even though my Blog is in English and reaching a US & UK audience, I'm personally located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For this reason, make sure your package is marked as a GIFT, so that it doesn't get stuck in customs or cause additional charges for me.

Feel free to mail to:
[Please, e-mail me for my new Mail Address]

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