BEAUTY | Diamonds for your Skincare?! Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Review *

As a beauty blogger, you sometimes have the illusion that you've seen and tried it all... But diamonds on my skincare??!  That sure was new for me and certainly felt too intriguing of a challenge to resist.    So, as you can see, I quickly embraced this once in a lifetime opportunity to try out this luxurious skincare line, containing such a unique ingredient.   

Here's how my little beauty experiment went:  through a 2 week period ALL that touched my face was Kristals Diamond skincare line.  Sounds so fancy, huh?  And to make it as accurate as possible, I went makeup-free during these 2 weeks, so that no other factors could alter my results.

Miracle or Hype?  
Patience ladies and keep on reading :)
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