SKINCARE | Adore CellMax Kit Review and Giveaway* [CLOSED]

My main goal this year on my blog is that you guys get to experience ONE of the perks of Beauty Blogging TOO: trying some of the most amazing beauty products out there for FREE!  And that's why at the beginning of this year I announced MONTHLY giveaways , some will be sponsored and some have already come out of the hard earned pennies of Yours Truly, but ALL of the above will be announced on my Youtube Channel and exclusive to all my subscribers... so you CAN'T miss what's coming.

That brings me to today's video!  There's so many reasons you will want to watch it, that I honestly almost don't know where to begin.    If for some reason you've been hidden under a rock and you haven't heard of Adore Organic Innovation, let me give you a quick hint:  Think of skincare... but not ANY type of skincare.  Think high end, luxury, OMG, celebrity-level skincare.   

You've probably already read my review on the Adore CellMax Kit.  And since that post went very popular very fast, I thought I'd make a video to show you some footage on the Adore CellMax Kit in more detail and share an update on my personal experience using this kit.  

AND as a BONUS, I am making a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Thank to this collaboration with Adore Cosmetics you have a chance to WIN an Adore CellMax Kit yourself worth over $2,000 USD!  And there's 4 more prizes!  So keep on reading.
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