BEAUTY | How I Curl My Hair

I've always felt cautious about things that look too simple.
They VERY rarely are.  Getting those dream Victoria Secret curls, is one of those.
You're not using a curling wand, you're dealing with a WEAPON here!
You face the risk of burning yourself or someone else, damaging your hair or setting something on fire.  And it sounds dramatic and hilarious I know, but I could tell you loads of friend's anecdotes that prove this actually does happen more often than NOT.

Enough said, we need to have a chat about this.
This curling wand CAN most certainly become your MAGIC wand, with a few quick tips!

On this How I Curl My Hair video, I will share with you my personal technique, and how I worked around some of the most confusing parts of Curling 101.
I tried as much as possible to do it a real, easy tutorial where I answered the questions that were still left unanswered by other tutorials I've watched before when I wanted to learn myself.

And, while doing this, we also chit chat a bit :)

Hopefully, you'll master your OWN style in NO time!

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