Braziiiil  La La La La La La La Laaaa

Not sure where that came from.
Maybe it's the end of Spring here in the Southern hemisphere that woke it up.  But as long as we're still longing for the summer, and it won't hurt my readers in the north either, I came up with a gorgeous colorful and bold look.  
My inspiration came from the colors of the flag of a neighboring country where I've spent so many unforgettable summers: Brazil.

You may not know WHEN your escape to Rio de Janeiro will happen.  BUT when it DOES you will certainly know which makeup look you'll be wearing thank to today's video tutorial!

And if you never do, at least we stepped out of our nudes comfort zone for a bit, to see how we can play around with color and get away with it!

Although, as I always say, you absolutely DO NOT need specific products to achieve this look, for those who are wondering, I always include the full list with links to where you can get them, for those of you who always ask!

----- PRODUCTS USED -------

Quo Sculpting Sponge ( similar to http://rstyle.me/~62Yoi )
Sephora Pro Kabuki Brush #48 ( mine is discontinued, but replaced by this one http://rstyle.me/n/r84xgzkrn )

If you ever give this a look a try, please do take a selfie and show me on Instagram.  
I would be very happy to checkout your own version of this Brazil inspired look and give it a LIKE!

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