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Last week I got a makeover, so to speak...  I have a new haircut that I'm ABSOLUTELY loving.  It's a layered style. The change may not be too dramatic for YOU, but for ME... I tell you, it took GUTS!
As you know I had very long hair all evenly cut straight.  I've spent my entire marriage ( 7 years! ) growing it back to where I had it, and super healthy, so I was reluctant to change it.

Now, I can tell you I don't regret it one bit. I am extremely into this layered haircut.  It is SO EASY to achieve a beach wave style with my curling ion, now that I have layers.

Love to see a cascading curl, and say good-bye to the bulkier look.
The Ombre highlights match perfectly with this new style as well... 
I'm glad to report that the small fortune I left at the salon was worth it :)

Regarding the makeup of the day, I did a very fresh shimmery look for eyes with my Urban Decay NEW NAKED PALETTE 2 and L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara.  Used Benefit Hoola bronzer for contouring and Benefit Lemon-aid to conceal dark circles and highlight the centre of my face...
That did the trick!

Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to watch a full tutorial on this look!



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  2. Hola guapa! I'm very happy to see a new post from you!!! I've missed you! Where have you been? I'm hoping to see a new video from you on youtube soon :-) I absolutely love this new hairstyle, you look fabulous, very fresh and young! I'm loving the curls! Besitos desde Italia, Sonia Verardo http://www.trenchcollection.com/

  3. Where have you been girl! Nice to see you are back. I love the makeup

  4. Thanks Nerline!!! I'm so glad to be back, will fill you up on the last months in my next few blog posts!

  5. Hola Amorrrr!!! Missed you too! Glad you liked my new look. We need to Skype! Will e-mail you soon!

  6. I would love to see a full tutorial :)

    Cylia - http://noshandchat.blogspot.dk

  7. You are gorgeous!! Love your blog :)


  8. You looking very nice! your hairstyle also nice. you looking fabulous! I like it. thnx for sharing your new style.


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