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For all you foodies like me out there, here's another recap of what I ate yesterday.  I'm not following any particular diet this week.  I did keep in mind to make smart healthy choices and specially to stay away from processed foods, but I'm not counting calories or looking to put down any weight right now.


You can catch me zipping some black coffee, as I try to wake up in the morning, from my new favorite mug from Van Houtte.  This is a coffee store my husband and I visited quite often during our stay in Quebec, Canada last summer.

Don't underestimate my statement when I say that I do, indeed, take a lot time to fully function in the morning. My guilty pleasure is a result of this... my hubby makes my breakfast... Yes, EVERY morning :)  Well, 9 out of 10 mornings at least !  Last Wednesday he prepared an egg white omelette.  Although having eggs in the morning is an EXTREMELY rare habit in Argentina, you're looking at the black swan here.  Go morning proteins !  


I confess:  I sometimes have lunch soooo late...  Last Wednesday I only got time to eat lunch at around 2pm... I was starving!  But, here was my reward waiting for me!  An AMAZING salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese mini balls, and basil.  Yum Yum!


For dinner,  once again I enjoyed the luxuries of being married to an amateur chef!  Would you look at this delicious pumpkin filled with chicken, tomatoes, red peppers, onions and mayonnaise and dare tell me you're not drooling over it?  I should definitely ask my husband to share this recipe with you guys in more detail.

All day I tried to drink plenty of water but probably ended up only getting less than 1litre. I really need to improve in this area, so next time I visit my nutritionist I'll ask her for some tips.

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