LIFE | Sailing Sunday!

Hi my InsideOut Beauties!

I don't know about you guys, but there are very few things that relax me as much as looking at water.  It really soothes me and helps me let go of any negativity.

That is why sailing is one of my favorite weekend activities.
And even though I don't own a boat myself, I am a  very lucky girl that gets invited to sail up our River quite frequently :)

So, this weekend I thought it would be a great idea to take some pictures of my day out sailing.
Now, in this pictures I might look a little bit lonely, but I was actually with my family on board!


It was a gorgeous sunny day, yet not too hot.



Happy New Year my Inside-Out Beauties!

2013 was a decisive year for my little blog.  It was the year in which I decided I would actually go for it!  Even though my first posts date back from 2011, as many of you know, I only started considering myself a blogger and making youtube videos regularly since last February.

No one can really predict which new adventures, challenges and opportunities 2014 will bring along, right?   < And if you can, please do share!>   I, however, can only hope for and anticipate an exciting journey!   So, what better way to celebrate the beginning of this new year than to remember the bits we enjoyed the most?

Whether you've missed them or would like to watch them once again...  

...here are 4 of my < far from perfect > but definitely most tweeted / commented makeup videos of 2013 ! 

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