Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners are a wonderful excuse to be creative and have a little fun with our makeup looks and outfits. Don't you think?

First thing that always comes to my mind when I picture Christmas is... red! deep red!
< Ho Ho Ho ...  I know, original right? >

This Christmas Eve I didn't exactly want to look like Santa's helper, but I still wanted to have a few details in red both in my outfit and makeup look.  So I went with deep red lips, nails and statement ring.

My outfit, on the other hand, ended up looking slightly vintage.  My phone doesn't take the quality of pictures I prefer to post, but my camera's battery was dead, unfortunately.  Anyways, as you can see I wore a pair of comfy black satin shorts, a basic white tank top, a flowy and translucent white gauze blouse with a black dot pattern and a pair of patent leather black stilettos.

It's summer here right now ( you could probably tell already). We've been having record temperatures of 104°F this Christmas!  As I tweeted earlier... we are dreaming of a white Xmas... and dreaming is all we can do :)   But, back to my outfit, I felt very elegant and yet fresh, which was perfect to stay comfy in spite of this extraordinary hot weather.

What did you guys wear on Xmas eve?
Let me know in the comments below.

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