HOLIDAYS | How to Figure Out What to Get Someone for Christmas

This is my cute exotic kitten Lola!  Volunteering as one of Santa's helpers this year :)

No matter how many times we've promised ourselves to plan Christmas better this year, if you find yourself in desperate need to visit the mall  next weekend, you shouldn't be surprised to see it crowded with people... just like you!

Maybe you didn't have enough time, maybe you forgot to buy a present or decided to stretch that Christmas budget just a tiny bit more... but often times, it's just because you couldn't figure out what to get for that particular person this Christmas. Hence, hello procrastination!

It happens.

That's the reason why I've devoted a couple of posts with gift guides during the past month or so.

But today's approach is different.
I'm going to help you analyze, find that little answer in your head... the answer to the most frequently asked question during the month of December: "What should I get him / her ?"

Hmmm... The dilemma!

If you're looking to buy a thoughtful gift, the golden rule is to pay close attention to the person. Let's take 5 minutes to try to go through what you know about him or her or even remember a particular moment you shared together.
    • Look Closely! 
      • Does this person have a favorite... Hobby? Color? Music Band? Passion? Pets?
    • Look Ahead!  
      • Has he/she ever expressed a dream or desire?
    • Look Back!  
      • Does he/she need to replace something they've accidentally lost or broken?
    • Listen Carefully!  
      • Has this person recently complained about something?  Or do you know of any issues they may be having?
    • Read between lines!  
      • Has she/he mentioned any commercials while watching tv together?
    • Ask Around!  
      • Do you know someone close to them you could ask?  A sibling, parent or friend?
    • Get the Message!  
      • Have you ever gone shopping together?  Did he/she stop at a particular shop or stared at / commented on a particular product?
    • Try to Remember!
      • Is this person saving for something?  
      • Does he/she have a particular upcoming event she's getting ready for?
      • Do you remember if she / he mentioned anything she / he didn't get for their birthday or the previous Christmas?
    • Pay Attention!  
      • Have you been to this person's home?
        • Did you notice any collections?
        • Was he/she proud of anything they showed you?
    • Think Outside the Box!
        • Do you know if he/she follows any brands on Twitter or Pinterest? Have they retweeted or liked any particular item on Facebook?
        • Do they have a blog they might have posted a wishlist or favorites list to? 
        • Does this person have a guilty pleasure?  Something they would LOVE to get but feel bad on spending money on?
    • Start a Conversation!  
      • Talk to them about what YOU want for Christmas or what you're thinking of getting for someone else... if you're lucky they'll reveal some of their wishes too!

Still clueless?  Do you feel comfortable with this person?  Then why not ask directly? I personally prefer surprises, but I wouldn't feel offended or uncomfortable at all if someone close to me asked me if I need anything particular for Christmas.

I hope you found these few tips helpful :)

Do you have any other tips?  I'd love to read them in the comments below!

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  1. Loved reading this post! It's really not too hard to pick presents if you just pay a little attention to the person :)

    x greta


  2. haha I actually found this post soo helpful! I find some people are so difficult to buy for but with this info i'm sure i'll become a pro at buying pressies :) x

  3. Thalia - Thriftybelleza.comDecember 23, 2013 at 3:06 AM

    I love these tips, they're so useful! I definitely keep my ears open during the year when shopping with friends and family and try to make mental notes of things that they comment on or happen to like :) Hope you have a great Christmas!!

  4. You're right, some people are difficult to buy for. I'm so glad you found this helpful Aleisha!

  5. Hi dear,

    I like your pretty blog, I'll be back more often =)

    I realize that we're following each other on bloglovin', would you like to follow each other on GFC and maybe social media?

    Let me know so I can follow you back.

    Kisses, Ana


  6. These are great tips, I'm so glad people liked what I got them this year!


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