Happy Food Friday my InsideOut Beauties!

When it comes to food, I think my biggest weakness is sushi, and it has been for quite some time now.

Japanese food in general, is something I crave for quite often and I also feel it is a fairly healthy choice, specially when eating out.

Here are two of my favorite Japanese dishes.

BUT, let me tell you a little story first... A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went out for a lunch celebration mainly because my husband had some great work related news, and... Oh well... it was a wonderful excuse to go out for japanese!

There's a little sushi restaurant very close to our place here in Buenos Aires, where we usually go for Japanese.  And when we go here for lunch, we usually order the same dishes just because they're so delicious!


As an entrĂ©e, we ordered Sesame-crusted Salmon.  This is mainly well cooked salmon covered with sesamee seeds.  The texture is just perfect!  And it was served with rice and fresh vegetables. 
I once tried cooking this at home and it's actually not so hard to prepare, and, just so you know, I'm not a savvy cook.  But I do love food, so I guess that always helps :)


As our main course, we ordered a sushi combo that included Philadelphia and salmon and avocado rolls and salmon nigiris. 

There you can see me just about to take a bite! Hi!

Excuse the beauty sin:  having sushi without makeup!
Oooops!  Oh well... please, do as I say, but not as I do :) 

A celebration with sushi is such a pleasure for me!  I only wish I knew how to prepare it, so I could eat it more frequently ( and hopefully save some money in the process).

With so much sushi in my tummy, I didn't have dessert. They do serve amazing desserts on that Japanese restaurant, but I usually don't have that much of a sweet tooth.

I know sushi is one of those things that people usually either LOVE or HATE...

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  1. I'm with you doll love sushi great post.

  2. DANGIT!!! I am hungry now!! :P I love phillidelphia rolls (donno if i spelt that right. LOL). I also love california rolls!! NOMMYS!!!

  3. I'm craving sushi now! One of my favourite foods. This looked amazing! xoxo

    Emily ⎜ daisylocks.blogspot.com

  4. heeeey you previously followed my blog berry-crumble-xxx.blogspot.co.uk so i just thought to tell you cos id hate to lose all my followers - i made a new blog ! The url is pinkdaisychains.blogspot.co.uk and i would love if you went over and re-followed me on there:)) thankyou x

  5. Looks so yummy :) I love sushi xo

  6. Salmon sushi is my favorite, it so light but you stay full for a long time :)



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