Today I bring you a NEW FALL TREND ALERT!
This season, black leather is everywhere, toughening up all our outfits.
The good thing about leather is that it's a classic and it's never truly outdated.
(Which means you will be able to reuse any new items you get).

That said, it's always good advice to be careful when wearing leather.  It's easy to overdo it and look a little too "I'm a Heavy Metal Rockstar!".  ( Which is great, by the way, if that's what you intended! ).

Let me show you some gorgeous examples of HOW designers are using leather this fall and how you can leather up with style!

When it comes to leather, the golden rule in fashion this season is to use it almost as an accessory or match it up with much softer fabrics.

If you've been out window shopping lately, you probably noticed you can find a lot of new items combining leather with cotton and wool knits.

You'll see that on jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and leggings.  Leather is present in small details such as sleeves, elbow patches, v-necks, cuffs, etc, to just toughen up the look ( ...but only a little bit, I'd say just enough! ).

As a first example, take a look at this essential black tee on the left, with a V neckline and vegan leather sleeves.  Don't you just love how those sleeves spice it up a little?

Another item I found a lot are leather leggingsOnce again, you can see that mix between fabric and vegan leather on this pair of leggings by Sanctuary. The front leather panels and stretch ponte back panels combined make them very feminine, flattering and in my opinion more comfortable to wear than 100% leather leggings.  This pair of black vegan leggings could be easily paired up with just about anything!  But stilettos are a must!

We all know every girl's closet should have a little black dress.  But guess what?  This season, they come with leather details!  This Helmut Lang Half Leather Dress is a great example of what's IN this fall.  A 100% lambskin body top followed by a Mid-weight jersey (95% polyester/5% spandex) straight skirt.

Talking about little black dresses, here's an eye catching cocktail dress by Awear.  Again, it's a classic must have, but with a twist! A leather-look trim. I love how the designer managed to throw in the trendy side, but still kept it very classy.  One of my favorite findings so far!

We couldn't talk about a leather trend without mentioning some amazing leather jackets!  Look at this Ark & Co. Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket.  Short and fit and paired with knits and jeans.


I have to admit though, that my favorite look is this Vero Moda Distressed Leather Look Biker Jacket by ASOS paired up with a basic white t-shirt with a black Eiffel tower stamped in it and black skinny jeans.  It kind of embodies everything that's IN this season.   Specially the black & white fashion, that some say will continue to be IN next season as well.

But my favorite jacket this fall is this Structured Sleeve Leather Jacket by ASOS.  I love how modern the wraparound funnel neckline looks and how flattering the Structured shoulders are.  I have a very similar leather jacket in my collection and I get many compliments on my posture when I wear it !  < LOL >

So moving on to skirts... This season you'll find leather skirts are a hit.  Take a look at this gorgeous ASOS Pencil leather skirt and notice how, again, it's paired up with a simple cotton white T-shirt, again with a black stamp.  I find thi outfit it very feminine, very elegant and very unforgettable.  Don't you agree?

For the brave ones that like to show off their legs, or the petite ones ( like me ) trying to look a little bit taller, here's a mini skirt version of a very similar look.  This high rise ASOS Wrap Mini Skirt in Leather with Zip sure makes a statement!

Now over to you girls... what do you think of this Fall's Leather Trend?  Are you joining?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great post! I love that Asos jacket too!


  2. Hi, I love your blog. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin, I am just stopping by to follow back and check out your site I just put up a post on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall and I have a leather post coming out next week as well :)


  3. I know!!! When I was looking at them I felt the shopaholic in me taking over too! LOL :)

  4. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment <3

  5. I am loving the tee shirt and the vegan leather jacket!

    Lindsey| fairmaquillage.blogspot.com

  6. I agree Lindsey! Those leggings will be IN for a very long time... They are a GREAT investment. I've had 2 pairs already and they are always in style! <3

  7. Just got a shirt with leather accents! So excited to wear it! <3

    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  8. I will be thrifting and crafting to add leather accents to sweaters and tops-- nice inspiration thanks

  9. You're welcome! I admire you for being able to craft this yourself!!! Please, show me the outcome! <3

  10. The awear dress is gorgeous!
    Lovely post

  11. HI lovely, great page - thanks for connecting on Bloglovin - please follow my blog - http://rememberthenight-takeyourmark.blogspot.com.au x

  12. Leather interior repairsOctober 11, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    Nice dress collection. this dress is very beautiful.

  13. Love Leather, Love your blog!


  14. I love leather everything! ;) That tee is with the leather sleeves is really cute.

    Tara - thestylerawr.com x

  15. SO lovely, cool and stylish <3


    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  16. I love the black dress with just a hint of leather! Great blog!


  17. i totally agree that pets and especially cats make us happier and our life longer! i am a cat person myself!

  18. Literally my favorite part about fall is the leather and pleather.


    Sex w. Candy

  19. Hey, love your blog, and this post! I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award... http://thebeauty-journals.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/versatile-blogger-award.html?m=1

  20. I've been trying on couple of leather a-line mini skirts but haven't found my true match yet ;D

    x Marjaana


  21. Love the leather! I want to buy that ASOS leather skirt (the longer one). I'm a new follower! Hope you stop by

  22. Oh I love leather! They're always so sexy yet classy and badass at the same time. <3 New follower and blogger here! Hope you take time to visit my blog. :)


  23. I have a weight loss support group on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthychangeshappylife/) and I will DEFINITELY be sharing this with the group :)

  24. Hey HEIDI,

    I totally agree, leather is a classic and essential piece to any wardrobe. Out of all your pictured items I love the waist length jackets, they add a sexy vibe to any outfit.



  25. wow..!! all the leather jackets look so gorgeous .. i love your blog

  26. Hi Erika! Thanks for following and visiting! Means a lot! I'm over to checkout your blog now :)

  27. It's a lovely skirt, isn't it?! Thanks Iacy :) I will stop by!

  28. I know what you mean. These items need to fit perfectly with your body shape... Same thing happens to me with jeans :)

  29. That's such an honor!!! Thanks Reggina! Parli italiano?

  30. Weight loss and Beauty blogs are always about not to eat pasta! I am a pasta lover and found this very useful, thank you!


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