Helloooo my Inside-Out Beauties!

Did you know that the average person experiences 24 frustrations a day?!

24 times a DAY something doesn't go as we wanted, planned or expected !!!

< On second thought, not THAT surprising actually >

No wonder we often find our minds overwhelmed with negative thoughts from time to time.

Just like you, I have plenty of bad days and struggle with becoming a more positive person every single one of them.

In the end, I guess positive thinking is a choice for most of us.
A daily choice to BEAT negative thoughts and emotions.

And the best way to fight back is through positive thinking.

<  Remember:  Positive People...
                                       ... are More Beautiful! >

You are probably going to have dozens of negative thoughts a day, BUT you can also CREATE many
more positive habits, thoughts and actions to fight them back and be a happier and more positive person every day.
You've heard that phrase: "See the glass half full, not half empty", haven't you?

The tricky part is, whether you see it half full or half empty, either way you're right.  
That's what I mean by "positive thinking is a choice".
When you think about it, we can all find as many reasons to be negative people as there are to be positive people.  It all depends on what you decide to DO and FOCUS on.

Positive thinking, is not about seeing the world naively through a rose-color lens or  ignoring / denying bad things, but an approach on life and conscious decision to give positive things a higher relevance...  to keep our sanity!  < LOL >

So, after this quick intro, are you ready to exercise a little positive thinking with me?

Let me share with you these QUICK 10 TIPS on How to Be More Positive.  Just clicking play on my new video!

If you enjoy it...  please, help me spread a little positivity by sharing it :)

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  1. I agree, I think positivity is really important! The biggest thing is whether you LET yourself get frustrated with those 24 little things, because usually they're really not worth getting frustrated over!


  2. You said it Isa! They are only little things, and we need not give them that much power!

  3. I used to be very negative, but with the help of a more positive other half I have been so much more positive lately. You are tottaly right - it is a choise. All you need is to start monitoring yourself, when you realise that you're being negative again - turn it around and look for smth positive :)


  4. Love this ! Being positive is definitely a challenge sometimes but once you're comfortable in yourself - life becomes alot easier !x

  5. Confidence and intelligence is beautiful.

  6. Great tips! I do a Thankful Thursday post on my blog where I reflect on all the things I have to be grateful that specific week. When you take the time to focus on the positives in your life, the negative really don't seem so big. Also, dancing and just letting loose always cheers me up. I love to put on music and just act silly with my kids. We laugh and have fun. Plus, we're building memories in the process!

  7. i'd love to know if you have tried Arbonne's products - for you or for him -

  8. Hey! Great tips here :) Thank you for the follow on bloglovin' as well. I returned the favour. I also am following your blog, because I do like fashion and think inner beauty is the best. Hey, can you follow my blog too please? You can find it on my bloglovin' account.

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  10. I love your tips! My ideas for staying positive is thinking the negative is in the past and think in the positive. Don't let another persons attitude ruin your own perceptive on how you think and feel.


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