INSIDE-OUT BEAUTY TALKS | TODAY: Inner Beauty & Positive Thinking ~ Special Guest Michelle Branch

"80% of American women, are dissatisfied with their appearance", says Michelle Branch, "and that's just an example of a global gender issue".  On this Inside-Out Beauty Talk we're going to discuss what got us there, and, most importantly, what will get us OUT!

Happy Monday my Inside-Out Beauties!

I've had the most amazing weekend getting things ready for today: InsideOut Beauty Talks Blog Radio Show Opening Day!  I hope you're just as excited as I am!  The idea behind this new project is to share with you a series of Inside & Out Beauty Topics.

And for a very special first show, an even more special guest joining me:  Michelle Branch from LetHerBeGreater.com 

Michelle is a former Emmy nominated television newscaster and Award-Winning Author and Champion to Awaken Women WorldWide to Their Authentic Beauty and Inner Treasure.  So you can all imagine the absolute honor it is for me, that she accepted this interview for my blog and first online radio show.

Together we discussed Inner Beauty, Positive Thinking and Positive Body Image Tips, and I have no doubt that you will find in Michelle a very inspiring woman with so much to give and share.

For those of you who are unable to listen to the radio show right now, but are curious to learn more asap, I am including some interview highlights on this post too.

But, what I truly hope, is that you will all find a moment to sit down, grab a cup of tea,  relax, and enjoy the show... because it was created with each and every one of you in mind :)

Ready to start feeling better about yourself TODAY?!

Interview Highlights!

Here are some of the most inspiring thoughts Michelle shared during our Inside-Out Beauty Talk:
  • "As a gender we're battling a lot of issues with how we see ourselves".
  •  "Self esteem and self worth come and go hand in hand and you can't have one without the other".
  • "80% of American women, are dissatisfied with their appearance".
  • "According to recent studies, the majority of 10 year old girls fear more 'being fat', over loosing a parent or being diagnosed with a fatal disease".
  • "We're constantly telling ourselves we're not good enough".
  • "Inner beauty is where our real beauty lives, is where our real power lives.  What we see externally doesn't last forever, but real beauty does".
  • "When we're disconnected from our inner beauty, we live a very shallow existence and walk through life without knowing who we are".
  • "Inner beauty is about identifying what we want for our lives".
  • "It's hard to try to be this perfect version that we're told to be".
  • "Comparison is one thing, but when it causes me to feel less about myself, then I'm in dangerous waters".
  • "Gratitude and appreciation are really great places to stay in".
  • "To stay positive, go to a place of peace and gratitude". 
  • "I'm going to be releasing a book this fall called Mascara Moments. It's an intimate little book of how you look at yourself in the mirror and how you affirm your grace for what you see".
  • "I'm starting to see my mirror as a sacred place [...] that uplifts me, so I surround it with things I'm grateful for.  Things that connect you with a deeper place within.  [...]  You make it clear to yourself in front of your mirror, that you're not there to cover up and see flaws, not just to focus on the physical alone, but to highlight and bring forth your unique inner beauty.  I call it the glow of gratitude".
  • "When you wear the glow of gratitude, there's no blush or bronzer that can compete with that".
  • "When you go to gratitude, you're connecting with inner beauty".
  • "Inner Beauty is a connection with a knowing.  A knowing of who you are, what are your values, what do you stand for... and that sense of confidence is absolutely something that people want more of.  They want it for themselves, and when they see it in others, they want to know how do I get it?".
  • "We all possess Inner Beauty.  It is that well spring from within that is just waiting for us to open it up.  [...] You don't have to search all over the world, because that beauty is right there and it is waiting for us ".
  •  "Makeup is fun and is a part of the experience of being a female, but it's not all that we are".
  • "Never forget where your true beauty lives, where your true greatness lives, and that's Inner Beauty."
  • "You can't be all things to all people, but you can be all things to you".
  • "When I find that I'm in a situation when I'm feeling 'where's that confidence?' I say to myself, 'let me be greater'."
  •  "Let's pass on a healthier way of looking at ourselves to the younger generations".

Feel free to keep the conversation going with Michelle on Twitter !  Also, don't forget to checkout her blog LetHerBeGreater.com and subscribe to learn more about her new and very promising book "Mascara Moments".

Thank you, thank you and thank you Michelle, a truly great woman!

Now, over to you guys:  What topic should we be discussing next?

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Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
Can't wait to read your comments on my first little show.

And afterwards, I will see you on Twitter , as always!

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  1. This is so true. I took me quite some time to learn how to be comfortable with who I am and that I have a beautiful light to offer that isn't based on how I look physically. People would tell me "You are gorgeous..." and I would be thinking "Yeah...okay, I am okay" and I would start telling myself all the things that were wrong with me. It was an aha moment when I realized that I am beautiful inside and out and no one has a right to try and take that knowledge away from me or try and make me feel less than them.
    I truly believe that there is beauty in every single thing on this earth. It may not be physical or visual but there is beauty there. :) Thanks so much for this, it has motivated and inspired me.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience Etta. I not only agree with you, but I can relate with your story, as I'm sure many women can. I also can see beauty in everything and everyone, just like you. We're blessed to be able able to recognize all this beauty, regardless of how many other people perceive it or not. I am so glad that you felt motivated and inspired by the first Inside-Out Beauty Talk. Please, don't forget to vote on the next topic, or suggest/request one. Hope to see you around again soon Etta! xx

  3. so true!! amazing post <3
    check out my latest look:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3359

  4. I would argue that we are also far to hard on each other, not just on ourselves. If you step back and listen to the way that women talk about each other, especially compared to the way men talk about each other, there's an unbelievable amount of nastiness and negativity out there. A lot of it has to do with low self-esteem on the part of the woman saying stuff, but I also think it's deeply imbedding in most Western cultures. Little girls hear their moms belittling other women and pick up on the idea that they can/should judge other girls on all sorts of things: looks, weight, clothes, behavior, sexuality, etc.



  5. Hi Amy! I completely agree with you. When a woman walks into a room, it's other women, not the men, that are her worst critics. That can sure get into your head, and you end up being harsh on yourself in an attempt to anticipate what others will think of YOU. And that's one of the things we talked about on the full interview. Michelle also mentioned, us women, needing to stop thinking about each other as competitors, and the need to start being more united as a gender. Thank you so much for always stopping by, I always value your input Amy <3


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