The most amazing thing happened on the third day of my mini vacation.  We went out for a walk with our sweaters and jackets on [ of course, remember day 2?  ] ... and we suddenly started to sweat!!!

WHAT?!  20 degrees Celsius ( 68 F) in the middle of winter???!!!

But no!  I won't do it!  This time I won't complain about the strange climate changes.
[ Hey!  I'm on a Holiday Break on a BEACH location! Can you blame me? ]

Instead, I'm going to tell you all about the MIRACLE of being blinded by a big warm sun in the middle of winter!

Let me begin by showing you this very cool panoramic picture of the beach!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it myself     [ Thanks Dad!]

So, back to the story of Day 3, when we realized it was a much warmer day than we had originally expected, we went straight to the beach to hang out there for a few hours.

Of course, it was still not the type of weather to be wearing a swimming suit [ nor had I brought one with me, for obvious reasons ] but it still felt pretty much like a warm spring day, with almost no wind.  And that last factor made our stay on the beach so enjoyable.

As you can see, I was wearing my fave Gap hot pink sweater, and a pair of dark gray Abercrombie tights. But keep in mind I took these pictures around 3-4 pm.   Before that time, it was too hot for a sweater and only wore a tank top instead.

Also, note that I have no makeup on  [  Sure!  Why not?  Who said Beauty Bloggers need to have makeup on all day every day???  I dare to doubt that to even be healthy for your skin!  ].

Back to the beach, we chose an area to park the SUV and hang out, where there is generally very few people...

 [ Can you can see the tire-prints we left in the sand on the picture above? ]

It was so relaxing to be there all by ourselves.  The plan was to just get lost in nature for a while :) 

THIS is the first thing I did when I got to there...

I'll admit it: I love being barefoot.  In fact, I'll go one step further and say I'm an advocate of being bare-feet, whenever possible!

[ Specially at home!  I don't care about all the cons... I feel my stress levels go down when I am! ]

And what can be more relaxing than feeling your feet buried in the damp sand like this?

Oh wait!  Actually THIS is even more relaxing...

Aaaah... the pleasure of feeling your feet massaged by the waves!
That could be  the perfect most relaxing experience ever... It really could...
...If it wasn't WINTER!

< LOL >

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting the water to be warm after the temperature we'd been having...  but it was ice cube freezing cold!!!

Just a quick reality check sent from Winter , to remind us of her presence :D

And when I say cold, I mean it was cold to the bone... but I enjoyed it so much!  As I said, the whole day felt like a gift from God.

If all this wasn't enough... the strangest thing happened... BOTH, my husband and I got ladybugs on us!!!  

Un segno? [  Translated from Italian: "A sign?" ]

I don't know about yours, but in our culture, if a ladybug lands on you that means GOOD LUCK!

I felt pretty lucky already that day, BUT, I thought,  I could sure take with me and save some of that extra good luck... just for a rainy day, you know?  :D

To complete this amazing day we went back to the house and had coffee and warm butter croissants.
They were beyond tasty and spongy!

< Yum! Yum! >

After a long weekend full of delicious treats, something tells me I'll be paying a little visit to my nutritionist...   real soon!   I don't regret it though :)

As you can see I had the loveliest time on my last mini vacation day!

I rested, laughed, relaxed, recharged and came back home feeling AMAZING!!!

In case you missed my previous posts, here are my updates on Day 1 and Day 2.

Now over to you:  Ever had an unexpected day surprise you?
Please, do share with me in the comments below.

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  1. That view is beautiful is amazing- it sounds like a pretty good day to me.


  2. Looks like you have had the perfect mini vacation with your husband and parent Heidi - thank you SO much for sharing it with us. It really means a lot getting to see such beautiful places so far away. I think I had a vicarious holiday with you!

    Fi xoxox

  3. You look cute in that photo, even I want to have croissant now .

  4. Aww bless - looks like a lovely little getaway - I cant wait for mine !!! xx


  5. The hot pink looks great on you!

  6. LOVE this post thanks for the inspiration! just followed you on bloglovin(:


  7. Yes Fi! I enjoyed it so much! I spent time with my hubby, parents and my cousins. I love spending time with them. Glad you were able to come along with this pictures Fi! <3333

  8. Thank you tons for the follow! Will follow you back:)<3


  9. In 11 Days !! :D heading to Majorca for a week - beyond excited !! xx

  10. That was a nice story.You've got lovely hair and skin.Nice post.

  11. Really gorgeous pictures taken! You make me feel as though I was there with you at the beach!


  12. Thank you so much Gazelle!!! It was a lovely day worth sharing with you guys <3 Thanks also for those sweet compliments on my hair and skin. My skin has its days to be honest, it can get pretty ugly at certain times... But it is what it is. Same for my hair actually! LOL <3

  13. You are so lovely. Looking great :)

    Check out my new post:

    ♥ http://sanjaburgundy.blogspot.com/2013/08/number-7.html


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