Holiday Part 01: Fondue Night!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Sometimes you just need to get away from the big city...  Ever had that feeling yourselves?

Don't get me wrong, I love the city, but sometimes it can get you off your balance.

Monday's a public holiday in my country, so this weekend my hubby and I decided to jump into the car and escape the city chaos for a few days.

We met with family at a beach / forest house where we're having some R & R time.
So I wanted to share with you our first night here!

As many of you know, it's winter in the southern hemisphere, so first thing we did when we got here, was light the fireplace.  I just LOVE sitting by the fire... Isn't it cozy?

And Lolita, my 5 month old exotic short-hair kitten, quickly found a new fave spot where to nap here too!

[  Did you think we would live her behind? ~  No way!  ] 

She's not the only furry member of the family to look for a warm place to hide and nap after a good 3 hour car trip.  Agatha, one of my parents' Siamese cats, found another curious spot in the house to nap  :)  Would you look at her inside that drawer?!

[ I just love cats! ]

The next thing we did, right after lighting the fireplace, was going grocery shopping to get everything we needed for our Family Fondue Night!

Fondue is absolutely perfect for Winter time! And what I love the most about Family Fondue Night is sharing. We all talk while cooking and sharing the same food, and that's quality time to me!

We prepared this melted cheese fondue with garlic and white wine.

Then we served it with a variety of dippers: Cherry tomatoes, small potatoes, chopped green apples, toasted bread, mushrooms, ham and olives.


After this, we all went for a late evening walk in the woods.  
The fresh air coming between the pine trees was so detoxifying !
I wish I had a picture to share with you of our walk, but it was pretty dark at that time of the day, so I didn't bring my camera with me.

Tomorrow I will update you again, so remember to come back :)

By the way, do you like cheese fondue too?  
...And any dipper ideas to share?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I love fondue! It's such a great way to bond with each other. I still haven't found the perfect cheese blend, but we are going to experiment with a brie next time :) Hope you enjoy some much needed time off. Also so cute that you take your kitteh along with you :3

    Kate Xx

  2. I love how you took the kitty babies with you on holiday!!! We take our dogs, but unfortunately, the cats stay home. My husband and I made a cheese fondue last week. I absolutely LOVE fondue! Thanks for sharing your family time :)

  3. I love fondues too! They taste amazing yet so fattening :(
    Have you tried the chocolate one? It's also amazing and I think it comes best with strawberries and marshmallows

    please also check out my blog! :D


  4. I should have known better than to read one of your food posts at 4am! My brain is definitely telling my tummy I need the packet of olives and feta cheese I have in the fridge! I adore fondue too and one of my favourite things is (and bear with me on this one) Edam cheese. It is such a hard cheese it works brilliantly in little 1cm cubes (any more and it is too rich). I loved baked garlic cloves for dipping too - they are gorgeous.

    Another brilliant post making me hungry Heidi ;)

    Fi xoxox

  5. Looking delicious! X

  6. lovely photos! <3 looks really comfy!!


  7. Hi,

    Just a quick message to say thankyou for the follow on my profile, i have now also got my blog up and running so hopefully you can check that out too now, more posts to come very soon.

    Thanks again,

    Hannah x

    ps. LOVE this post and your pics, got to love a savoury fondue

  8. What a lovely blog. The house looks very nice, amazing time you should have there. Lovely food! I looooove cheese fondue!

  9. Thanks Laura! Yes, we're having a great time! Fondue was delicious! :P

  10. Sure Hannah! Please, feel free to leave me a link to it right here :)

  11. LOL I always enjoy reading your comments so much Fi! I'll need to try Edam cheese next time! Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. I agree Puff! I'll need to go on a diet after this Holidays! :)

  13. Thank YOU KP! I love taking my kitty with me and so does my Mom. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about this :)

  14. Absolutely! it is an awesome way to bond, I agree with you! I love foods that are an experience as well as delicious! Mmm.. I need to try Brie on my next blend too! I already eat it all the time! :)

  15. I love cheese fondue! My favorite dipper is fresh french bread :) very simple yet tasty.

  16. How lovely, and I love where the kitties found to sleep lol. Too cute. I hope you have an amazing time and get the relaxation you need. :)


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