FOOD | What I Ate this Week!

 TGIF my Inside-Out Beauties!

Great food can make us happy and beautiful inside-out.
Sometimes,  just by looking at it !

Well I did a lot more eating that looking this week.

So welcome to Food Friday one more time, where I share with you my favorite foods of the week!!!
I originally started doing WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) posts, but I soon realized, that can get a little repetitive or boring.  So I thought, why not spice it up, just a little bit, and do a selection of the best or most beautiful dishes I eat in a week.

[ Pssst, also... I have a little confession to make at the end of this post, so keep reading :)   ]



Yep, I do realize Breakfast comes before lunch... But to be honest, I was too sleepy most mornings this week to take pictures.  Ooops!  Sorry :-/  Maybe next Friday!

So, back to lunch, I had the most delicious lunch this week.  Many of you already know how much I love salmon, and I have mentioned it in many of my food posts, like this one, this one, or this one :)
And this week, I had a big bowl of the best Smoked Salmon Salad I've had in a while.  

Besides from smoked salmon, this salad had avocado, small potatoes, capers, endives, arugula, cream cheese and one moillet egg!  Yum, Yum!

For tea time, my favorite this week was this beautiful cappuccino with a little warm strudel and ice cream!  What is it about cappuccinos that makes them SOOO photogenic!  They should seriously consider a career in modelling :)
< mouth waters as I remember this >


My favorite dinner dish this week, was this AMAZING Vegetarian Wok my husband made for me. If you're a regular reader, you MAY have started to realize, from past food friday posts, that I mention my husband a LOT, you might be under the impression that my husband does most of the cooking at home.

And let me tell you something... You're right! BUT, just because he LOVES to cook, finds it very relaxing somehow and he's a far better cook than me :)  3 GREAT reasons if you ask me!

This wok had onions, mushrooms, carrots, peas, corn, red peppers and sesame seeds sauteed with a little olive oil.

Guilty Pleasure

I confess.  This week I totally caved in to this amazing chocolate filled with dulce de leche...
and, what's even worse, I ate it in the evening, as a dessert.

Before you say it... It was SO wrong to eat it in the evening!!!  Not a healthy habit to eat carbs before going to bed.

< Naughty, Naughty me! >

Good thing is that it was the only sweet treat I had this week.  And I find it's a frequency that works well with my lifestyle...

< Oh wait!  What about that strudel up there, you liar! ~ Ooopsies! >

Now  seriously, if you must eat something high in carbs, like this, do as I say and not as I do, and eat it earlier in the day.

There are tons of healthier options for dessert, but this one was absolutely delicious!
Who doesn't like a treat everyone once in a while, right?

Hope you enjoyed my winners of this week.

Leave me a quick comment below and let me know your thoughts :)

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  1. MMM...everything looks so good!

  2. Looks very yummy!!

  3. Both the salmon salad and the vegetarian wok look fantastic. I must admit, I would leave the salmon off (but that is only as I am a vegetarian, but not the kind that goes around telling other people what they should and shouldn't eat!) and substitute it for a ricotta cheese, It is 5.59am and you have me hungry for lunch now! My brain is making fun of my tummy!

  4. LOL You comment just made me laugh Fi :) I admire vegetarians so much! Good for you!

  5. Nice photos, your nail polish looks lovely :)

  6. Your dinner looks amazing! I love woks (you'll hear this dish called a stir-fry in the U.S) full of sautéed veggies, rice or those buckwheat noodles, and sauce. Sometimes when it's cold out, I add broth and turn the same ingredients into soup. :)



  7. You are making me hungry

  8. Well I wasn't hungry until right now! Hmmm, time for dinner I think!

  9. LOL It happens to me too every time! :) Bon appetitte Caroline!

  10. Great photos and really nice blog!!;)


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