BLOGGING TIPS | Take a Peek at this Beauty Blogger's Office :)

Some beauty bloggers love coffee shops.

Others, though few, blog on the go from their mobile devices.

Many teenage beauty gurus make blogging sanctuaries out of their beautiful bedrooms.

Some Big beauty bloggers have amazing studios with Broadway vanities and breath-taking dressing rooms.

I, too, have my own special space, from where I craft this little blog with tons of love.

A small room, that my husband and I put together, with hard work.

This space helps me get inspired, and, hopefully, become more and more deserving of your growing support and kind words of appreciation towards my blog  every day :)

Want to take a quick peek?

Here's where TheInsideOutBeauty.com is "cooked" ...

1-  My Furry Baby Lola!  Many of you already know my 5 month old exotic short-hair kitten Lolita. In the 2 months she's been home with us, we have literally become inseparable.  And while I work on my beauty blog, she's always right next to me.  Sometimes napping, sometimes playing around and sometimes helping make a video, like this one.  Only downside to this, is that she recently started to love stealing my pens, so it's hard to take a quick note sometimes, when I can't find mine < LOL>  Other than that, I am obviously very grateful for every day I share with my new furry companion! 

2-  Sephora Bag with goodies I need to review inside!  I keep that bag there, to remind me of the beauty products I'd like to review next for my blog.  Many if which are gifts from my parents who recently came back from a quick stay in Canada.

3-  My Sephora Blockbuster palette, in particular, and in general I keep on that spot any other products I plan to make a video tutorial with. So stay tuned for a new video makeup tutorial featuring my Sephora Blockbuster palette!

4-  My mate!  I already told you all about this traditional Argentinian infusion we call mate.  About 2 months ago, my husband gave me this new pink leather mate and it's usually right there next to me, so I can take a few zips while I blog :)

5- My notebook! Well I guess this item is pretty much self explanatory... what would us bloggers do without a computer, right?  The only thing you might find slightly different is that I use a notebook riser to keep it cool, but that's mainly because I spend way too much time on it every single day.

6- My tiny Eiffel tower & aromatic oils burner!  I keep my Eiffel tower at sight, because it reminds me of where I got it: Paris!  I don't think I need to go deeper into why the thought of Paris keeps me inspired, do I? I use my oil burner, to gently perfume the room's air with some relaxing vanilla scent.

7-  My Note Pad... where I write all my ideas for new posts and videos, as well as my ToDo checklists.

8-  My Video Lights! I have these because sometimes I need to film during night time or cloudy days.

9- My Window.  I only recently rearranged my desk so that I could actually look through the window.  < Why it took me so long, I don't know!  >   I'm also hoping to start using natural lighting on my upcoming videos, thank to this.

10-  A comfy chair...  when you spend hours and hours at the computer every day, having a nice comfortable chair is absolutely key ;)  It also helps me keep a better posture while sitting at my desk!

Hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse at most, but not all, of TheInsideOutBeauty.com 's little "kitchen" :)

What are the Top 3 items I would find on YOUR desk?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. thank you for sharing! i just love to when people i subscribed to show their blogger/vlogger corner :)

  2. What a lovely place to sit and write xx


  3. Nice, love your aromatic oil burner

  4. This is deadly, recently got my own blogging space so it’s getting there!

  5. Lovely place

  6. Such a lovely post! Great having a little insight into your blogging area ^_^

    The Blushing Giraffe | A New UK beauty blog


  7. Lovely place! X

  8. Your blogging space is perfection! :)

  9. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this quick peek :)

  10. Thanks Nora! Can't wait to see your post about it then! :)

  11. Thanks Candy! It looks better when it's lit ! Ooops!

  12. Thanks BeautyQueen! It's small, but I do enjoy it very much, I'm glad you liked it too <3

  13. Lovely post!

    Emma x


  14. WOW. this looks so beautiful!!!
    mine is so messy! but I'm moving soon & i'm going to take so much inspiration from this!

  15. Damn you organized girls!!

    Love it...you are so neat!! Now I gotta go and reorganize..

    loved your blog...reading older posts now... :)

  16. ...and yea...following... :)
    I'll be glad if you kindly check out my blog
    ...not forcing :P

  17. I'm literally LOL after reading your comment. Thanks Shubha!

  18. So jealous!! I can't wait to have my own space. Right now I blog from my phone while my toddler climbs on me and my infant tries to steal my phone... Crazy. Thanks for sharing your space. www.fashionistamomma.com

  19. I love this so much! I'm dying for my own office. Right now it's my couch and my coffee table....not good.

  20. I love it!
    Btw, your cat is sooo cute <3

  21. your work station looks really nice!
    will definitely check out your youtube ;)


  22. Your desk is so neat and organized...looks like a great space for blogging! My cat is always in my business when I'm on my computer too :-p

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm following you now as well. :)

  23. Thanks Caroline <3 Couch & coffee table can be nice too! Even after having my space, I sometimes like blogging there too <3

  24. Hello Miss Heidi! Thanks for sharing your work area....it looks like a great place to get creative! I too, usually face a window, when typing away. My 3 items you'd find are 1- My laptop (well, that's a given); 2 - My cup, her name is Pondie; 3 - A Scrunchie...yes, I still use scrunchies! I go bonkers when my hair gets in my way when I'm working. hehe

  25. Thanks for sharing! I don't think I would be able to type on the computer with it raised like that, though! O_O lol


  26. Looks great Heidi:) Interesting to see where you write and edit your blogposts and photos! I can't believe people really blog from their phones, what?! Seems like a lot of work:0 xxx

  27. Nice office! Love your blog, I follow you! :)


  28. Natasha JanuaryBeautyfulAugust 19, 2013 at 8:24 AM

    I always have a Massive note pad and pens to quickly jot ideas and make lists on, Usually some nail polish as I change my nails each week for my blog posts of 52 weeks of delicious nails! I also usually have a massive pint glass of water so I can sip and stay hydrated throughout the day :) x

  29. Thank you for sharing those 3 items!!! Where can I see a picture of Pondie?

  30. You're welcome! Here's Miss Pondie: http://toringamerica.com/miss-pondie/
    I'm sipping ice tea from her right now....oh how I love Miss Pondie!

  31. Thanks! Yes, some people do blog from their phones! In fact there's a Blogger app for that, in case you're curious. But I bet it's complicated. I have the app to edit on the go... only for "emergencies" like a horrific typo or something LOL

  32. OMG! You must have an amazing blog! 52 weeks of delicious nails! Water is a must... I usually have a whole bottle I must drink for the entire day, but it wouldn't look nice for the picture, so... :D

  33. OMG! I'm so dum! I thought Ms Pondie was a teacup chihuahua!!! Loved Ms Pondie! Thanks!

  34. Love your space...especially your mini Eiffel Tower and the pink mate cup! I love to drink mate, and now I'm simply going to have to get a pink cup and bombilla! Love it, girl!

  35. You are so ahhh-dorable!! Nope, she's a cup! ahahaha You made my day!

  36. Hi, thank you for following my blog :) This is a lovely, neat space. I have never seen a device like that to lift a laptop, mine always overheats, although it's better now I have a tray. x

  37. me encanta el mate rosado! necesario en todo escritorio ;)


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