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Today I bring you a new cosmetics review.  This time, I'll be reviewing 3 different shades of Sorme Cosmetics lipsticks.

To make this post even more fun, besides from reviewing these lipsticks, I played a little around with them and achieved 3 different looks for each one of these!  All I changed was my top and my lipstick shade, but you're still going to see a big difference between them, proving how much personality a great shade of lipstick can bring to your personal style.  In one minute or less, you can go from a day to evening look, or summer to winter look, only by changing your lipstick shade!

So if you want to see more pictures, and learn my personal opinion on Sorme Cosmetics Lipsticks... just keep reading!

Let's start with packaging!
If you've read other product reviews in my blog you know I'm completely seduced by great packaging.  It's the first thing that can communicate if a cosmetics company is actually putting a lot of thought behind a product or not.  Sorme lipsticks get an A from me in lipstick packaging.  It's both high quality & smart!
Let me explain.  Just by holding your Sorme lipstick you feel it's heavier than the average drugstore lipstick.  This, for some reason, makes it more comfortable for me to apply, and says a lot about the quality of the materials used for its packaging.  But that's not the only thing, when you open it, the lipstick slides out sooo smoothly... again, great quality packaging.
And why do I say it's smart?
You know all those times when you're in a rush, and you're going through your makeup bag or makeup collection searching  for that particular shade you have in mind ?  Do you recall desperately opening and checking the color of each one of your lipsticks until... you find the one you're looking for?  (Which, by the way, by Murphy's Law will tend to be the last one you grab).  Well, not anymore!  As you can see in the picture above, all Sorme Cosmetics lipsticks have a little "window" at the top, so you can easily see through and quickly check the shade, without having to open it or memorize the name of each shade.

Ingredients, texture and skincare...
As I always say, for makeup in general, whether foundation, eyeshadow or lipsticks, we need to make sure it actually takes care of our skin, eyes and lips... because makeup is on us for so many hours!  After trying these lipsticks for 2 weeks, I can tell you, they are very moisturizing.  It's Winter here where I live, you know, time for dry or cracked lips, and I felt protected against cold while having these on.  Apparently this is because they are infused with Vitamin E to achieve this smoothing, moisturizing effect and protect your lips from signs of aging too.  Pretty cool, huh? As far as texture goes, the 3 shades I got had a Creamy one, that just made them very comfortable to wear. I just hate feeling my lips tight while I talk or smile.  Don't you?

These Sorme Lipsticks are NOT...
Long lasting (nor they claim to be).  BUT I did notice they don't wear off that easily either, and that must be because they are richly pigmented.  Also, I think that goes in line with them actually taking care of your lip's skin.  Have you noticed how long lasting lipsticks tend to dry your lips up, and as a result your lips look thinner too?

3 Shades, 3 looks...
As I said, the 3 shades I got  were very pigmented and you actually get the color you see.  I certainly expect these lipsticks to last a very long time because a little goes a long way.

Ok, so back to the shades!  First one is called Confection 205, and it's a baby pink color.  Perfect for a daytime, Spring or Summer look.  This is certainly a color I will be wearing a lot, as you all know, I love pink :)

Next shade is SHOCK 252 !  And it was certainly a shock for me to love it!  I've never worn a shade like this before, so I was not sure if it would suit me, and I loved the personality this shade adds, spicing up my look.  I'm really bad at describing colors.... but I would say it is an oxblood shade with a hint of purple.  Gorgeous for the evening or Winter time.

Last but not least, is Sorme Cosmetics VIBE 253 .  I would describe this shade as a vibrant red with a tiny hint of orange.  Another shade with great personality that can be worn all year round and will add a pop of color to your look.

Want to know which one is my fave ?
Humm... I think I'll go with SHOCK !   

Where you can find them...
You can get them at professional salons, just look for a reseller at SormeCosmetics.com or shop at the only authorized online store http://www.sfrbeauty.com  
Sorme Cosmetics lipsticks are not super affordable, but for the quality you get in packaging, pigmentation, texture and skincare, they are totally worth their price, in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed my review on Sorme Cosmetics lipsticks girls!

Now, over to you... which of these shades do you like best?

Let me know in the comments below.

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DISCLAIMER:  Free Samples were submitted for consideration by Sorme Cosmetics, but I reviewed these products because I love them! Needless to say, everything I write about on this blog is my own personal opinion. I was not paid to review this product. This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, visit the sponsors section.


  1. These look fantastic, especially love the first one xx


  2. Great shades. Loving Confection 205

  3. Can't believe the different look each one gives you when all you did was change the colour and your top! Really cool!
    Jenny x :)

  4. I love these shades! Personnaly I think my fave is Vibe and Shock:) Looks good on you!

  5. It's really pretty! I love the pink one confection <3 It looks so moisturizing too, really gorgeous!


  6. They look great! Love all 3 shades.
    Adela x


  7. I haven't tried these, but if they look this great on me as they do on you, I will definitely buy them!
    Marie/I Am THE Makeup Junkie

  8. Awww Thanks so much Marie! You're very sweet! <3

  9. Thanks Misa! They are very moisturizing! Yes, Confection is lovely! What girl doesn't like pink, right? <3

  10. Thanks soooo much Lovely! Those are great shades, I agree! <333

  11. Thanks Jenny! Yes, I see a huge difference too! <3

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  13. Ooh! I wonder where to get them here in Singapore.

    The Style Mermaid

  14. Hi Kisty! I honestly don't know :( But you can tweet them and ask @SormeCosmetics xx

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  16. Looks fantastic!, Love the colors, thanks for sharing this.

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