Happy Makeup Monday my Inside-Out Beauties :)

I wanted to start this week with a new makeup tutorial using both: info-graphics and video to make it SUPER visual, easy and fun!

Eyebrows frame our eyes and that's why it is very important to style them in such a way that flatters our faces. Don't you agree?  Plus, defined and thicker eyebrows are totally IN this year, since famous fashion models like Cara Delevigne embodied this new trend.

I have personally found brow styling very, very hard in the past.  Specially since I like my brows to look as natural as possible, once styled.  I just had not found an easy way for a beginner to do it... up until now.

So if you're interested in learning my new "secret" to styling my brows like a pro, without being one... just keep reading this step by step guide and watching my new video tutorial!

Let's begin with the Step by Step Guide!

My secret weapon for this tutorial is Sormé Cosmetics Brow Style kit.  Needless to say, you can get a similar kit or separate tools to achieve the same result.  I just think it is very convenient to have a brow style kit you can carry with you with all the things you need to style your brows.

This kit has 3 stencils for your brows, that make it very easy to give your brows the right shape.


STEP 1!  Select the brow stencil of your choice depending on your natural brow shape or on the look you're going for.  For this tutorial, I'm using the Classic Medium shape stencil.

STEP 2!  Prepare your brows.  Brush them using the kit's spiraled brush, shown in A.

STEP 3!  Hold the stencil firmly over your brow.  You will notice it will stick softly to your skin.  Now you are ready you start filling in your brows using the fluffy brush (shown in B) and the lightest shade in the palette (shown in D).    I like using the darkest shade (shown in E) to enhance the definition in the outer section of my brows, where I have less hair.

STEP 4!  Blend in with the spiraled brush ( A ).

STEP 5 !  Use the angled brush (C), opposite to the spiraled brush, to apply the styling wax ( F ).

STEP 6!  Blend in one more time, using the spiraled brush, just like you did on STEP 4.

And you're done!

Now all you need to do is repeat the same process on the other eyebrow.  But first, don't forget to wipe your stencil :)

Like I always say about all trends, remember that the most important thing is not to chase them blindly, but to incorporate those trends that you feel comfortable with and that compliment your personal style best.

Are you ready for my video tutorial now?
There's a very special guest joining me today, that you all love very much!

So... was this makeup tutorial helpful?  A little...?
How do YOU style your brows?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love this, Heidi! Have just gotten into Benefit's Brow Zings, and will try your technique tomorrow :)

    Emma xx

  2. I think this is a great tutorial. I always have problems doing my eyebrows. Actually I still can't get them the way I want. Maybe it's the colouring? It always looks unnatural when I use a powder. I;m now using a blanc eyebrowgel to keep it together;) haha...

  3. Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how that went once you try it :)

  4. Hi Gorgeous! Yep, I know it's hard. Eyebrow gels, sound great for a natural look. When I was younger I used to use gel mascara for my brows... which I suspect is the same formula for brows. Now that thicker brows are in, powder might still be an option. Do you like that trend?

  5. Yes I like that a lot. But every time I try it, it looks like i'm a dude. And it doesn't stay in place because i have a quite oily skin :( Maybe try some more expensive products then? When I try powder I look really fake hihi. But I love a nice brow;)

  6. LOL I know what you mean! Well this kit was a wax in it, that helps the powder to stay put. You also might want to try a lighter shade. This trend is slightly more masculine, in comparisson to what we're used to I mean, that is super thin brows... so I get what you say.

  7. BTW, Emma... You may want to include your blog on my Beauty Bloggers Directory http://www.theinsideoutbeauty.com/p/blog-page_1.html

  8. Awesome tutorial hun, I suck at brow-shaping and one always end up weird than the other. I've been thinking of investing on Youngblood's brow kit and will see how it goes hehe. You have some amazing brows. (P.S. I love how glowy your skin is, so pretty!) x Donah

  9. Thanks Donah! Never tried that kit, do you have a review on it? Brow styling is hard, I know! Glowy skin comes from Benefit Highbeam... I wished it was my natural glow, but nope! LOL

  10. No review yet, still contemplating whether it's worth a $30 splurge just for that haha. Oh never tried Highbeam before, I'm more of a Korean brand fanatic hehe - but then because I have oily skin, have steered clear from these types of products. But it does look amazing on you. :)

  11. Oh, true! I would never recommend Highbeam for someone for oily skin either :)

  12. I cheat and get my brows professionally waxed and styled a few times a year. I have very fair skin and very dark eyebrows, so I think it's worth the investment!


  13. I think that's awesome Amy! I understand what you say about the extra difficulty of having fair skin and dark eyebrows. I'm over to your blog now to checkout your brows LOL

  14. Hi dear, interesting post and you have an awesome blog, did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo

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  15. your brows look amazing. before reading his i was thinking of going down the permanent makeup route and have been looking at these guys www.subtle-enhancement.co.uk as their approach to eyebrows is very natural. have you come across them before? think i will save some pennies for now though & copy your tutorial :)

  16. Aww Thanks Louise! I know many people who are very happy with permanent makeup... the thing is that, it's permanent so it's always good to think it for a while before moving forward. Trends change all the time. Thin brows, thick brows... with makeup you can adjust easily to changes I guess. I'm glad you found the tutorial worth trying! Let me know how that goes for you Louise and thanks for commenting. <3

  17. Hi! This was helpful but I think not for me, I mean,I ruined my eyebrows, I have them pretty thick and without shape, so the first time I styled them, everybody told me they were awesome, that they suited me, but I don't really thought so, and I decided to try to make them straight and horizontal because I read they make you appear more kind and sweet, but I guess I didn't do it well because now they have very few hair, and aren't really straight, so I don't know what to do. I tried to fill them in with brown eyeshadow but my hair is black and they look fake, what can I do?! HELP!!


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