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If you're subscribed to my Youtube Channel, you may remember my #HeyHeidi YOUR TWITTER QUESTIONS ANSWERED  video.  That was supposed to be a weekly section, but due to lack of time, I haven't made a new video like that in a while.

For that reason, many of your twitter questions have remained unanswered...  until TODAY!  Well, actually I better not make any more promises on whether this is going to be an ongoing post/section on my blog or not.  I guess it all depends on how many of you actually find this kind of Q&A posts interesting.

So if you want to know my answer to the Twitter question I picked today, and who asked it... just keep reading...

Let's jump right into the question!

First of all I'd like to say THANK YOU Louise for asking me this question!  I'm flattered because I'm assuming you think my skin looks flawless, glowy ... You're so kind, if you think so.

But, let me tell you something... don't!  My skin is soooo far from being perfect and is soooo high maintenance.

 [By the way, in case you didn't notice the obvious, the above picture is edited to make it look nicer for my blog and to illustrate this section, nobody glows like that in real life, unless they are radioactive or something].

I have hormonal breakouts almost every single month, blemishes, redness, sensitivity and allergies towards many skin care products, and I'm too pale to get tanned without being temporarily stained. Get the picture?  Ok, maybe if you read that all at once, it sounds like I'm some kind of monster or something... which is not true either, at least not entirely ;)   The truth always lies in the middle.  But because of how flawed my skin actually is I must admit I do take great care of it and I've learned a lot by listening to all these symptoms.  In fact, I discuss my quest and struggles on one of my first posts, WHAT MY SKIN TAUGHT ME .  You can also read MY SKINCARE ROUTINE & 11 SKINCARE TIPS , if you're interested.

But something tells me that this question is not really pointing into that direction.  I'm guessing that what Louise really wants to know is how, in spite of NOT having flawless, glowy skin I manage to make it look pretty decent!  And the straight forward answer is with makeup, of course!

That particular glow you see in my face on many of my makeup tutorials, like this one, this one or this one, is thank to Benefit Highbeam.  This is a GREAT product.  Not for EVERYONE though.  You've been warned!

 Benefit Highbeam is a luminescent complexion enhancer, or a cream highlighter.   It instantly makes your skin look younger, fresh, moisturized, and shinier.  One day I may do a more in depth review or video on this amazing Benefit product.  So, if I think it is so amazing... why did I warn you earlier about it now being for everyone?  Well first, that's true for almost any product out there.  We all have different needs.  But particularly speaking of Highbeam, you should know I would never recommend it for oily skin.  The reason is pretty obvious:  if you already have oily skin, then by putting this on chances are you will end up looking very greasy.  I have dry skin or dry to combination skin, and on certain days I might look a little too oily if I'm not careful.  So I would only recommend Highbeam for dry skin... maybe not even combination to oily skin type.  Needless to say, I mention Highbeam because that's the cream Highlighter I use, but this advice goes to any other similar cream highlighters out there.

If you're curious about how to apply Benefit Highbeam, checkout my video tutorial right here.

So, you must be wondering:  what should I do if I have an oily or combination to oily skin type ?
I would suggest you highlight with powder instead.  That will give you a nice highlighting effect while helping you stay matte longer.

The one I've been using lately is Rimmel's Silky Loose Powder.

The only thing I may warn you regarding using powder to highlight is that it may get into fine lines.  So you may want to avoid areas in which you have any.

Over to you now, would you like me to keep doing these type of posts?
Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. How do you get those pink social media icons?! I have been trying to research how to get something like that on my blog and I can't figure it out! lol great post!

  2. Hey Caroline! I found them months ago on a website that gaveaway free icons. I'm afraid you'll have to Google that, because I can't remember :( Hope that helps though. <3

  3. Just followed you ! lovely tips dear ... I do apply benefit high beam but sometimes I over apply n end up looking oily

  4. That's so true! As I mentioned I've done that mistake too myself. But it is a lovely product! I've also gotten so many compliments on my skin because of it! What do you use when you don't use Highbeam? <3

  5. Thank you Hun for answering my question, and yes i did mean that your skin always looks lovely! :)

  6. Ohh, I am going to have to check Benefit's High Beam out for sure. I have got normal to dry skin with a few lines so I think with a bit of jiggery pokery keeping it out of the creases it might work well for me. Can I ask for your help with something contour/highlight related please? I always used to have a matte finish for my face (stuck in the 90's I think!). I would love to try something new, that might leave a dewy look but I don't know what to try. Being covered in freckles doesn't help, even though I use a moisturiser with a high SPF daily. I have thought about a tinted moisturiser but given how you explain your skin, I think mine is quite similar. I take a lot of medication which can cause dryness and sensitivities too. I had been thinking of something like this:-

    http://avonshop.co.uk/product/skincare/anew/anew-reversalist-sheer-tint-moisturiser-spf20.html but maybe a little more not Avon as I find a lot of their products can cause my face to sting. You wouldn't have any recommendation would you?

    Fi xoxox


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