FOOD & LIFESTYLE | WIAW: Spontaneous Romantic Candlelight Dinner Out!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Today I'm posting my first What I Ate Wednesday post :)
It was kind of a spontaneous date night with my husband!

We were out for a quick walk and we ended up on this new gorgeous little place having a candle light dinner.

It was very romantic!  This was not our first time here.  But we've been absolutely loving this new restaurant lately.  They serve exquisite healthy food, with a little twist!  Let me walk you through our evening, so you understand what I mean ...

 As an appetizer they served us whole wheat bread toasts with an eggplant puree.

 My husband ordered a delicious Chicken Caesar Salad.
 I had a Hot Thai sandwich!  It had warm bread, Arugula, Chicken, Cheese and Caramelized Mango. 

 To drink, we had naturally and freshly made flavored water with Mango, Linden tea and Orange juice.  I feel this is such a great idea to substitute sodas!  Unique and healthier too :)

 For dessert, my husband and I shared a lime pie with a little whipped cream topping.

 And we had a couple of cups of the house's specialty (at anytime of the day)  tea!  The tea we ordered was Green Tea with Mango and Roses.  Such a unique and delicious blend!

I really enjoyed our spontaneous candlelight dinner.  It was romantic, classy, healthy and relaxing.
And that special tea, was a very soothing way to end the night.  This is by far my favorite place to dine out right now! 

So I couldn't wait to get home and tell you all about it :)

If you ever come to Buenos Aires, I suggest you look for this restaurant (called Tea Connection).

Good night my Inside-Out Beauties.

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