Hi my Inside-Out Beauties !

Today I finally got to upload this video makeup tutorial  that I actually filmed 2 weeks ago!!!
You know what they say "time flies" "so little time, so much to do", etc etc etc.
I have my share of excuses, but the important thing is it's here!  Yaaaay!

The idea behind this hair and makeup tutorial, was to inspire you to try a new look that would resemble someone right out of the ocean or a swimming pool (but in the movies only, because it's unlikely that in real life you would still have this much makeup on after going for a swim).

Anyways,  after giving it some thought I named it "THE WET LOOK"!
It's shimmery, "glowy" and perfect for summertime :)

Before we jump into the video makeup tutorial, let me quickly list you the products I've used, and that you'll need if you want to try this WET LOOK yourself.

1 ♥ Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
2Benefit Lemon aid
3Naked Palette 1
4Benefit Hoola
5Benefit Highbeam
6 Rimmel Exxagerate Waterproof Mascara
7 ♥ Calvin Klein Tempting Glimer Sheer Cream
8 Maybelline's Megaplush Mascara 
9 Benefit Posietint
10 Clinique Longlast Glosswear
11 ♥ Revlon Styling Brow Gel (which didn't fit in the image above).
12Perfectly Natural Eyelashes by Salon Perfect

So, in a few seconds you'll see how I used the products above to achieve this look!
But before that, a few words on the hair!

To complete the wet look, I wore my hair up in a high pony tail.  I used bobby pins to get my bangs up and away from my face.  Then I applied gel and leave in conditioner to create that "wet" effect on my hair.

And now, finally,  I leave you to this 3 MINUTE tutorial, which hopefully you will enjoy!
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  1. I really enjoyed this video a lot. So much in fact that I have just snuck out of bed and procured my husband's credit card to buy "High Beam" with it. I also got "Sun Beam" too as I thought that might be worth playing round with.

    I love the effects you get with the High Beam so I can't wait to start trying it for myself that is for sure. I didn't think he would be too happy to find any of the Naked palettes on his credit card so have gone for the Balm's version instead (after recently being introduced to one of their blush products. That is amazing so I have high hopes for the palette.

    Just a personal request - PLEASE stop posting such great tutorials, I don't think that my better half's bank balance can cope with it ;)

    Loving it as ever,

    Fi xoxox

  2. Thanks Fi! You're so kind and I'm so grateful for our words of encouragement. Means more than you think! Let me know how that goes with Highbeam! <333


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