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As some of you may know, ponchos have become very trendy, and hit the runways across the world.

Their popularity spiked around Fall 2011, and since then they have been worn by women all over the world, including famous celebrities such as...

 Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Sandra Bullock.

Disclaimer:  I do not have nor claim to have any rights over the above pictures. Source: http://www.babble.com/celebrity/celebrity-style-celebs-who-love-to-wear-ponchos-photos/

If you've never heard of one before, ponchos have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic times and are now considered typical South American garments.

Being born and living in Argentina, I can tell you this is a very traditional item to wear in my country, and the variety of ponchos worn is quite diverse throughout our country.

So, today I wanted to write about my fave Fall/Winter item: my pale blue poncho!  And show you some pictures that will hopefully inspire you :)

I realize many of you may be in summer right now...  But this knitted poncho is actually knitted with big holes, so it's reasonably fresh and could be suitable for a cooler summer night at many beach locations, or for a windy Spring day too!

This particular poncho I own is 100% wool.  You can imagine how soft it is, because of this.
And that is a HUGE plus for me.... I just can't wear any itchy fabric.  [ Does that happen to you too? ]

As most ponchos, it has a triangular shape, that ends in a peak around the hip area.
This actually makes this short poncho very flattering for all body shapes, as it elongates our body.

As you can see in the pictures above, the borders of this poncho have fringes.  These, in my opinion give it a cozy look.  I often like to wear it with a tank top and skinny jeans.

Check out how top designers have envisioned ponchos this season!


So, now you tell me...

                                                 ... are Ponchos IN or OUT right now, where YOU live?

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  1. It may be summer 2013 now, but I can tell you, come Fall this year - my gorgeous black poncho will be coming out. I adore it and refuse to give up on it (probably because it was a present from my now husband from Monsoon when we were just engaged). Also, being in a wheelchair, I find them great. I devoted a whole blog post myself on fashion for being in a wheelchair and ponchos are a fantastic piece to wear. Love them !

  2. I know what you mean, I love ponchos too! Here we're in winter ( Southern Hemisphere). I would love to read your post! Sounds inspirational.. Please, leave me the link so I stop by DandF :) And thanks for all your lovely comments!

  3. I wouldn't say inspirational, just honest and that is what I want people to see. I get stared at a lot so I thought I might as well make sure there is something nice to look at for them ;) !! My little blog is very new - I am just finding my feet with it and I have to admit, I am a beauty novice. Skin and hair care I have in the bag but makeup? I am lost! That is why my daughter teased me and I told her I would get my act together makeup wise! My blog is at
    http://dandffeatures.blogspot.co.uk/ . It is all so new still and is a bit of a collaboration with my daughter (i.e. she tells me what she would like me to write about and I do it). I did a post about skincare for teens for under £20 with the help of her friends which they loved. I have to admit, I love your blog very much, it is in my favourites folder on Bloglovin as if I am feeling a bit miserable, you always have a post to put a smile on my face xoxox

  4. Thanks Fi! Your words are the best reward for all my hard work on my blog! Truly grateful for each of your comments and smiles! Quick Blogging tip! Don't be shy and leave a link to your url on your comments. I don't mind and many bloggers don't either. It's a great way of promoting your blog too! I'm reading your post as we speak. Your daughter sounds like a very sweet girl! <333

  5. I must not be brave as I thought I passed up an awesome deal on a poncho the other day just didn't look like me and I adore most anything vintage


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