Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Today I'm bringing you my favorite picks from the most talented and promising independent designers in the Baltic states...  

The indie design movement is made up of independent designers and craftspeople who design and make a wide array of products, often handmade as opposed to those mass-produced ones from large corporations. This is what makes their jewellery , accessories and clothing unique!  And personal style, in my opinion, has a lot to do with unique items.

So I've picked my Top 5 items of the month from the website MadameKuku.com , to share with you just a few examples of what some these amazing designers have to offer to all of us.  If at any time, you'd like to learn more about an item, just click on its picture.

#1  My first pick is this black and white stand-up collar dress, designed by Karliene.  This elegant fitted and long sleeve dress is an item all of us should have on our wardrobes.

#2 My next pick is this gorgeous handmade...

scarf by MAREUNROL’S .  This scarf is designed in a minimalistic style and, most importantly for me, made of 100% high quality Wool with a pure silk lining.  I want this scarf soooo bad!  As I said on previous posts, I can't stand itchy fabrics next to my skin, so this soft scarf is just perfect for me!

#3Moving on, is this very classy dust coat by Karliene, to stay stylish even on rainy days!  Another must have on everyone's wardrobe, in my opinion, and quite versatile too.  Its elegant design makes it super wearable!  From a social occasion or even on top of a business outfit.  What I generally dislike about rain coats is that they appear too masculine, but this one in particular, has a shape and shoulders that guarantee a very girly and feminine look.

#4Next on my list is this leather clutch bag by Buduart.  I must admit I love leather items AND blue.. so voilá :)  This is a classic handcrafted envelope bag that will complete any outfit and can even be used as a unique iPad case for business meetings.  Yes!  You heard me!  It fits in there. 

#5On 5th place, are Arvils Linde's pure cotton 'Tornado' trousers !  Please have a close look at these!  Another versatile and chic piece to go from a business to a night out look with a quick change in top, makeup and accessories.  I also find it very flattering for petite girls like me because of its slim fit, that elongates our legs and lets us show off our high heels with pride!

Last but not least, I  wanted to close this post by mentioning this basic white & black stamped T-Shirt by Amoralle, specially designed for a great cause:  supporting the Children's Hospital in Latvia!  

So, when you buy this lovely T-Shirt you are also donating all the money to the Children's Hospital Oncology Department.  The picture speaks for the elegance in the simplicity of a very wearable item...  but I want to add to this the immeasurable beauty of helping these kids that are going through an immense challenge at such an early stage of their lives.  I also wanted to mention that even if you're outside the UK the shipping for this T-Shirt is absolutely FREE Worldwide!

For all the obvious above talent from these designers, and also to support this cause, I am beyond honored to be collaborating with them and the amazing online fashion shop supporting their brilliant creativity and unique products:  MadameKuku.com .

Hope you enjoyed and discovered some cool items and new designers that inspire you.

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DISCLAIMER:    I was not paid to write the above post. ALL the above opinions are my own honest thoughts and I believe they will enrich and inspire my readers. Even though MadameKuku.com is a supporter of this blog, as openly disclosed, I only accepted their sponsorship, because I love their products, their website and everything this online fashion store stands for. Starting for their support and love for promising indie designers.


  1. I love the t-shirt and that amazing scarf!

  2. LOVE this!
    Especially the blue envelope bag! Stunning

    || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  3. Hey Heidi, I really liked your collection. Specially the scarf, other things are also great and attracts the attention. You have good writing skill and your posts catches eyes very well. Thanks for sharing the idea, I was looking for something new that I can use for birthday party and you know it is good that we have internet to make our things easy. For information on leather handbags, you can visit the link below.



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