BEAUTY | Maybelline New York Forever Strong PRO in Red! Quick Review :)

 Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

As many of you know, most of the year, I 'm a French Manicure girl!  It's just so versatile and wearable.

After my Kate Moss Red Lipstick post, I was inspired to go over to the drugstore to find a nail polish that could match that shade of lipstick to complete the "Lady in Red" Look!  The closest one I found was this one from Maybelline New York Forever Strong PRO.

The Forever Strong PRO line claims to:

♥ Last up to 7 days!
I applied mine about 3 days ago, and it's still looking good... BUT, I will need to update you again on Day 7.

UPDATE:  Lasted almost 9 days for me!

♥ Have a Precision curved brush!
I did find this brush quite precise.  At first sight it looked like an ordinary brush, but when you look closer it does have a more rounded shape that makes it easier to apply.

♥ Rich color & high shine!
I have to agree the color is rich and pigmented. With only one coat I achieved the shade I was going for.  I did, however, apply a second coat to help this last longer.  I have to say, though, that I didn't find the final result particularly high in shine.  In fact, I applied a top coat for extra shine.  That said, I would have applied that top coat anyway, because it is from the 40 second Express Finish line. So it adds extra shine and also helps it dry up faster too :)

♥ Be Enriched with Iron & Calcium!
This is the reason for the name of the line ( "Forever Strong").  What more can I add on this?  I find nail polishes that strengthen my nails awesome, so this is also a HUGE plus for me!
 Here's 2 quick Instagrams with me holding little Lola,  with this nail polish on!

I just thought it would be a sweet way of finishing this post :)

Have you tried this Forever Strong Line too?
If so, how did it go for you?

Curious about little Lola?  Click here to learn more!

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  1. Ooo lovely colour, very intrigued about this line might have to hunt it down
    Kirsty x



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