Today I wanted to make this quick tutorial on how you can start your own beauty blog.
I know some of you may already have one, but I get tons of Tweets, DMs and Comments on G+ every single day asking me: "How do I start a Blog?".

So I finally decided to make a post explaining this in 12 EASY STEPS, so you can start blogging in just a few minutes.

Let's get started!

 STEP 1 !  Go to www.blogger.com
 STEP 2!  Sign in with your existing Gmail account or click on Sign Up

 STEP 3! Complete the Sign Up form with your information and select your username for your NEW gmail account!

 STEP 4!  Verify your account by entering your Landline or Mobile Phone number.

STEP 5!  Enter the verification code Google will send to you by SMS or Voice Call. Tip: Don't wait too long, because verification codes expire after a few minutes!
 STEP 6!  A Welcome! screen will appear.  Click  the BACK TO BLOGGER button.

STEP 7!  Select whether you want to create a Standard Blogger profile, or a Google + Profile. For the purpose of this beginners tutorials, let's go with the Bloggers Profile. You can always switch to Google Plus profile later from the Blog's Settings. 
STEP 8!  Choose your Display Name, which your readers will see in your blog and click on the CONTINUE TO BLOGGER button.
STEP 9!  Next, you will be redirected to your Blogger Dashboard :) Now comes the FUN part!  Click on the NEW BLOG button.

STEP 10! Enter your blog's title and blog address.In general these 2 will be the same. I suggest you enter the name your had in mind for your blog on the ADDRESS input box first, because it will check availability for it on Blogger.>
STEP 11! Then, select a Template (don't worry too much at first, you can always change it later) and click on CREATE BLOG! button.  

STEP 12! You're done!  Now, you can either VIEW your blog to checkout the template you select or just jump right into writing your first post!!!


Now you know how to create your OWN BEAUTY BLOG.  
Welcome to the Beauty Bloggers Community!  

And what's more... it's all completely FREE, courtesy of Google :)  

 Excited?!  Go create your first blog and leave me the link in the comments below. I'll make sure to check it out.   


  1. I just posted a similar blog post, advice from a beginner!!


  2. Thanks so much for letting me know. You comments adds so much value <3

  3. I'm only a little further on than this post, and reading the steps reassured me I'd done it right! Love your blog :)

  4. I'm so glad Emma! Welcome to the Beauty Community :)

  5. heres mine. http://damzelinthisdress.blogspot.co.uk/

    could do with some tips and a follow! =)

  6. Heidi, thank you very much for this.. Im gonna start my blog soon also <3


  7. http://andreeaheartsu.blogspot.ro/

  8. Hi Ms. Heidi.. I am really thankful for your helpful blog.

    I have started with mine..please visit..http://yourdjmeowonline.blogspot.ae

  9. this is so helpful, this is my new blog! http://xomaddie.blogspot.com.au/

  10. how do you get good templates like yours?

  11. Please take a look at www.chloescolossalcosmetics.blogspot.com it's my beauty blog which within one month has gone world wide and has reached almost one thousand views, it would mean a lot to me please leave a comment on a post and let me know what you think :)

  12. I created my blog just a few days ago and am addicted! I've always wanted to blog but never thought I could.
    Followed you on bloglovin as well:)

  13. Hey :) I hope you like my beauty blog - http://emiliagrace11.blogspot.co.uk :) x

  14. Thanks for the compliment! I made it myself Louise. But there are many free templates on Google.

  15. Any help appreciated please I think I managed to mess mines up to start with I have M.E and FMS not ashamed to Asdmit that I may have skipped a couple of steps could some one check were I have went wrong and if it can be fixed or better for me to delete and start again Thanks in Advance xo

  16. heres Mine i started mine a few months ago. How do you build up on followers? And your Blog is awsome wish I would have seen this a while back! http://eyeheartshadows.blogspot.com/

  17. Hi there Thank you I changed the colours again I've only put like a intro post just now I spent so much time today changing it Google kept crashing ! I'm hoping its ok and I can get stuck in,I'm not sure about the followers part I'm stuck at that also I think you have to make sure everything is on Public also add people to the circles Maybe I follow you and you follow me see if that gets us started I have a group on FB 1 with over 1000 members another with about 200 another with 250 plus nearly 700 friends I've just deleted about 300 I'm trying to keep my Personal FBook to family and close friends,Let me know what you think you could try and leave a comment on my blog and I could do the same xo

  18. I'm absolutley loving starting to blog - heres my link! - http://aloveaffairwith.blogspot.co.uk/

  19. Love this. Please follow my blog at Www.shahildarboutique.blogspot.co.uk
    I always follow back add me to your circles too x

  20. Amazing Template!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check out my Blog;

  21. Hope you like our Blog http://theglampack.tumblr.com
    Follow us on twitter @glampack

  22. Miss Beauty InsiderOctober 19, 2013 at 2:42 AM

    Just started my blog, http://missbeautyinsider.blogspot.com

    Could you give me some tips on what to fix or what I should do next! thank you!

  23. thanks 4 helping! here's my blog http://beautyadvicesfs.blogspot.com/

  24. Your tips are awome. You inspired me to make my own blog
    Could you please check it out

  25. I would love some feedback on mine



  26. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for all these wonderful tips!
    I've been meaning to start off a beauty blog for about three years now and I just gathered up the courage and time to finally do it!
    Your post was so helpful and I read your other posts similar to this one too!
    If you have some time to check out my blog -it's my first post- I'd be so grateful!
    Thank you again! :)

  27. i set mine up last night and hoping to write my first post today, im not sure what should be my first post about, could you please help me? :) x

  28. I was looking for someone to explain how to work with blogger and came across your post. Thanks Heidi :)

  29. I created my blog just a week ago and i'm really having a hard time with it. tss!

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  30. Hi Heidi! Just stumbled across your blog and I really like it. It's super important that you're not solely focusing on appearance, but on what's inside too! I love your authenticity as well. I JUST bought my domain and am starting my blog. Would love if you could pop over one day (it's bare ATM)! Maybe we could inspire each other? 😊
    Much love, Tonya xo 💋


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