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Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
Every girl has things in the back of her head that she'd like to buy... but can't...  at least not just yet!

So I thought why not just share with you my wishlist for this month... maybe by the "law of attraction" some of these will come my way :)

Let's begin!

The first item in my wishlist, is this white Broadway / Hollywood Vanity mirror.  I would just LOVE to have one of these.  The one I like is unfortunately not sold in my country.  It is actually from a company  called Vanity Girl Hollywood that specializes in these types of mirrors. Isn't it gorgeous?! 

The next item in my wishlist is this gorgeous Tiffany & Co BraceletYou've probably seen it many times.  It's design  is quite famous, I believe. Made of silver and with that signature heart charm hanging.  This exquisite piece of jewelry costs $350 USD according to Tiffany's website. A lot of good taste... so little money < LOL >
But, just FYI,  surfing Amazon.com I found a "Tiffany inspired one" for $29.99.  There is a resemblance, but... well Tiffany is Tiffany *sigh*.  Maybe some day!

Moving on, my third item is the 2 broke girls pearl necklace.  Do you like that show?  I watched the Season I, and I thought it was fun.   Well, anyways.... while watching the show I couldn't help staring at Caroline's statement necklace.  In fact I really like to match pearls with more casual outfits.  I researched for a little while online but couldn't find the name of the designer of the original piece.
I did find an inspired version of this necklace on Etsy for $19.80 USD.  I haven't seen it or touched it, but in the picture it looked good quality to me.  What do you think?

Update:  I recently joined the Sigma Affiliates Program.  This image has an Affiliate Link which means that if you click and buy something from Sigma, I will get a small commission (free to you).  Clicking on my Affiliate link is up to you, but I would appreciate your support :)
Third item in my wish list is Sigma's Mrs. Bunny Travel kit... I've been meaning to get a set of brushes, but not being a professional makeup artist, I don't really need to have dozens of them, since I probably wouldn't use them either.  I think this set is perfect for me!  Its size, its colors, it's cool leather packaging that can be used to carry your brushes when you travel or to display them everyday in your counter or vanity and the price sounds fairly reasonable too. And, on top of all that, it's a 100% vegan brush set.  This one is certainly a purchase I'll try to make real soon!

Fourth item in my wishlist are these new Benefit powder boxes. Oh, I would collect them all!  I've already fallen in love with two of them that have become Holy Grail products for me ( Benefit Hoola and Benefit 10) you can see me using them in my Highlighting & Contouring Tutorial.  Now, I've got my eyes set on these ones:

 Benefit Hervana and Benefit Sugarbomb which are actually Best Sellers right now, according to Benefit's website.  Best price I found was at Amazon.com ($21.91 USD).  You can click on the pictures below to see it for yourselves.  I think particularly Sugarbomb may suit my very pale complexion very well.

But the thing I've been wanting to get SO BAD for years now... is a cat!  I know, I know, drastic change of subject, but it is still in my wishlist... what can I do?!  I used to have a Siamese cat named Kitty when I lived at my parent's.  She was the sweetest cat ever, so gorgeous!  When I moved in with my husband, back then fiance, I just couldn't take her with me.   Since then I have been missing her and the love and positive energy that a cat (like many other pets) adds to a home.

Well, good news!  Looks like my last wish may come true in a couple of weeks!!! As some of you may already know, yesterday was our 5th Wedding Anniversary and having a sweetheart like the one above entering our lives was my husband's idea to celebrate it!  My husband took me to an Exotic Shorthair breeder last week and we should be adopting our new fluffy member of the family real soon!  I don't have a picture of her to share with you yet... BUT she looks a LOT like the little one above (courtesy of Psymis.com ).

She's the cutest thing I've ever seen!  And I hope to be introducing her to you in a couple of weeks, when she's old enough to come home with us. 

< I'm soooo excited!  I just can't hide it! LOL >

Hope you enjoyed this quite long post and updates!

Let me know in the comments below... what's in YOUR wishlist?

Keep dreaming... NOTHING is imposible!  The word says it "I'm possible" !

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