INTERVIEWS | My Interview for TrenchCollection.com by Sonja Verardo

 Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I'm so honored to have been interviewed for TrenchCollection.com  by Sonja Verardo.  Many of you may already know Sonja, a gorgeous Fashionista with an established Blog and Youtube Channel.
Sonja is by far the sweetest and most down to earth Fashion Guru, I've met thank to my Youtube Channel, and I'm sure you will enjoy her work, if you're not a fan already!

This interview reveals many of the answers to some deep and personal questions.
Many of which you have asked yourselves many times.  That's why, I wanted to share it with you right here on my blog too.

To visit TrenchCollection.com and read the original and full interview, just click on any of the images below.

Hope you enjoyed :)
If you did, don't forget to leave me a couple of comments on the questions you found more interesting.  I always enjoy reading and answering them so much!

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