BEAUTY | HOWTO: RED LIPS! Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (Review & Tutorial)

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I just uploaded a very quick tutorial for red lips, starring Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss in shade #107.
For a very long time, I thought red lips were not for me.  That's why I don't generally wear red lipstick. But this new Lasting Finish line, which I bought at the drugstore a couple of weeks ago, just captivated me! 
Yes! I was seduced to figure out a way to make red look good on my thin lips.
And now that I have... best thing I could do is share it with you guys too!
Even if you don't have thin lips, this product's demo and tips may also apply to you too, of course ;) 

So here's the video I filmed with a brief review and some easy tricks to get a sexy red lip look, that still looks good on thin lips, like mine!

 I checked at Amazon.com for the international price, and it averages $7 USD.  I placed the link above so you could check those prices for yourself over there.
 Hope this "Lady in Red" look comes handy for the weekend!

Remember always to have fun with makeup... but stay beautiful inside too :)

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  1. Great post! It would mean a lot of you were to check out my latest posts! My blog is cheapbutchicbeautyat.blogspot.com

    Courtney x

  2. Wow, this colour looks absolutely gorgeous - I've never tried red lips either as I'm not sure whether it would look good on me but I might actually give this one a go!


  3. I'm in love with this shade! And it's totally in this Fall for you guys in the Northern hemisphere LOL :)

  4. I love Rimmel Kate's lipsticks. This colour is gorgeous! xx


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