LOVE | How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship ! PART 01

When I first started dating my husband, we had a couple of months in which we were geographically apart and this was SO difficult for me.  One day I'll tell you the story in more detail.  The point is being in love and apart can be quite challenging for us women.  In fact I have friends and readers who are going through this right now, but they don't seem to get all the support or understanding they need.

That's why one day it just hit me... I need to write a couple of posts or stories on this subject.
TheInsideOutBeauty Blogazine & Channel were created to share different opinions on every topic important to us women.  The things we LOVE and the things we're deeply concerned about too!

Maintaining a long distance relationship takes a lot of courage, a lot of self confidence, a lot of trust and, most importantly... A LOT of love!  All of which are ingredients to a person's inner beauty.

So I thought it would be very interesting to have the testimony and advice from someone who is currently in a long term long distance relationship...  and is actually making it work!

Checkout this interview to find out more!

Today's special guest is a reader of TheInsideOutBeauty.com and fellow Youtuber from Korea.  I have invited Joy to discuss her personal experience "surviving" a long distance relationship with her boyfriend who is currently living in Thailand. 

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview Joy!

Meet Joy and her Boyfriend!

H: Let's start from the beginning: are long distance relationships even possible Joy?!
J: Yes! It is possible =)

 H: How long have you been in a long distance relationship?
J: It's been about 3 months since I saw him last but this is our 4th or 5th time being apart.

 H: Where did you and your boyfriend meet?

J: We met in college.

H: How often do you see each other, on average?
J: In person like thru video chat? We chat everyday but we don't Skype everyday. We do that once or twice a week.

H: How do you stay in touch when he's away and how often?

J: We try to talk as much as we can. It's not the same as seeing him in person though. I would rather see him once a week than chat everyday.

H: What do you think is the hardest part of being away from your boyfriend?
J: Not being able to share moments together is probably the hardest.

H: I agree.  sharing everyday things is one of the most important things we enjoy doing in a relationship.  I can imagine that being hard Joy.  When I miss someone, I tend to talk about that person A LOT, and it really helps me!  Does that ever happen to you? 
J:Yes, of course. When I miss my boyfriend, I call him and hearing his voice soothes my heart. Staying busy helps too.

H: Do you think men and women handle long distance relationships differently?  Men do have that 'fame' of showing their emotions less…
J: That's true but I think men and women express feelings and emotions differently so I guess we handle long distance relationships differently too. For instance, us women tend to verbalize the feelings, instead men show them through their actions.

H: That's SO TRUE Joy!  If you had to give 3-5 quick tips to any of TheInsideOutBeauty.com readers on how to "survive" a long distance relationship, what would those be?
1- Try staying in touch as much as possible. SMS, e-mails, letters, calls, etc.
2- Make him something to remember you by! I've made him plenty of handmade stuff like letters, origami, drawings, pictures, etc.
3- Be friends with your partner's friends. They will let you know if you can't get a hold of him.

H: Those are great tips Joy!  Finally, how do you make the moments you get to be together memorable?
J: We try new things! I love adventures and exploring so when we see each other we try to step out of our comfort zones. It creates special and precious memories to remember by =)

You create new memories together...I love that!  Thanks again so much Joy!  You have such a generous heart and I really value you sharing this personal experience with me and my readers.

I hope you enjoyed this quick interview, regardless of whether you are in a long distance relationship or not.

And if you are... My personal advice would be stay strong, love immensely and follow your heart!

If you want to contact Joy, feel free to follow her on Twitter!

Now it's YOUR turn!
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
How did that turn out for you and what tips could you share with all of us?

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  1. yes I had one for almost a yr and we got engaged during it but he also cheated on me with SEVERAL different women, lied about pretty much everything he was doing and I mean from jobs, to where he was, what time he got off from work and a cocktail of other things...and Im not joking THE SHIT DONT WORK!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. But thanks for sharing, because it is a fact that some long distance relationships don't work. Your comment adds a lot of value to this post and keeps it more balanced. xx

  3. I've been with my boyfriend for five years this year and we live about 250 miles (or a 5 hour drive) appart. It's hard but I've always said you can't help who you fall for and if its meant to work out it will! I wrote a similar post a few months ago: http://www.thesophodiaries.com/2013/04/long-distance-my-survival-guide.html?m=1
    It's most definitely achievable you just have to work at it!
    Sophs xx

  4. I believe it is, I'm in one now! ♥ x


  5. Georgina O'CallaghanAugust 22, 2013 at 3:50 AM

    My relationship began at university and 5 months in my boyfriend had to move home to Portsmouth for 4 months.. I am from manchester so we only got to see each other a few days a Month and at times the financial pressure of it also became stressful or us.. It has worked out for us as we have survived 3 years and various periods of time apart.. if you are both prepared to make sacrifices for each other in the future then it can work :)

  6. I was in a long distance relationship UK - US for over two years until I got my visa to move to America. In that time apart we only got to spend 14 days with each other physically which was really hard as we were both just out of university and skint. It's certainly possible to make a long distance relationship work but you both have to want it to happen and want to be together eventually - and I think you do need to have that end goal and drive to make it last. Luckily we've been living together for two years this November and couldn't be happier. Those two years apart were certainly worth going through for what we have now :)

  7. Unfortunately it didn't for you, but that's not to say they can't work.


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