INNER BEAUTY | How to be Happy #03: Life's NOT a ONE WAY STREET!

Hi my Inside-Out beauties!

Today is Tip Tuesday!  So I thought it would be a great idea to continue my How to be a Little Happier Every Day series, you've all enjoyed so much.
I'm very grateful for all the great feedback you've sent me, mainly through Twitter, regarding both Parts I and II.

TheInsideOutBeauty.com is about Outer & Inner beauty.  And most of you may agree, that a happier person is a more beautiful one.  Don't you think?  In this section, I'm trying to put out there the main changes we all need to slowly make in our mindset, to be Happier ! I know it's easier said than done, but we're in this together...

I could be really dramatic and start by telling you something like "The biggest lie we've been told growing up, is that life is a one way street". 

But using the word LIE, I feel that would imply that our parents, our society, our friends or whoever did this on purpose, to hurt or manipulate us. And that's generally not the case.

In general, our family and society do not LIE to us... (Well some do, but you understand where I'm going here...). We're not victims. What does happen most of times is that we pass misconceptions from one generation to the next and even through peer pressure. (Yes, I said "we" as in "ALL of US").
The truth is that a misconception is not a lie, but a point of view or opinion that is incorrect or based on faulty thinking or understanding.

So let me go back and rephrase this, "one of the biggest misconceptions we've come to believe is that there's only one way of achieving happiness in life".

Misconceptions are not passed through verbal communication only...  In fact it is not what is explicitly said to us, but what we see others do, the actions we witness throughout our life, that are even more powerful.

If you are born in a family of lawyers, you may have received the message since you were small, that you can only be happy in life if you're a successful lawyer.
If your Mom was proud of being a stay at home Mom, you may have overheard her criticize working Moms, and send you a message that a Happy Mommy is ONLY a stay at home Mommy.
If your Mom was a working Mom, maybe she reassured her decision by communicating constantly the importance of women being independent and in the work force, and the great quality of DayCare to stimulate children.
If to you love between a man and a woman is about companionship, it is possible you received that in some way from a role model around you.  If you think a relationship is about freedom, independence and little but quality time together, you probably received that message from your environment.

I could go on and on with examples that keep popping up in my mind as I write this, but I'm sure you get the point.
Now look really fast above at all those different lifestyles...  which one is right or wrong?
Who is wrong and who is right?
Who is happier and who is sadder?

I bet you think now I'm going to say something like "it depends" or "there's not a right answer" but I DO think there IS a RIGHT ANSWER.

I strongly believe there is ONE single right answer to the above questions.

I know you're dying to know, so I'll just go ahead and tell you...

The right answer, the right lifestyle, that single one that trully will make you happier...

is YOURS... and YOURS ALONE...

NOT your friends', NOT your parents', NOT your siblings'...  just YOURS!

Did you ever go have dinner at someone else's house and realized their family is very different from yours?  Not better or worse, but they just do things SO differently than what you're used to?

Have you ever traveled to a different country and had a mind opening moment experiencing their culture? That moment of realization...  there is so much diversity in lifestyles in this world...

And still, there are happy and unhappy people everywhere.
Happy lawyers, and happy actors.
Unhappy lawyers and unhappy actors.

Happy working Mommies and Happy Stay at Home Moms.
Unhappy Working Moms and Unhappy Stay at Home Moms.
Etc, etc, etc.

And the reason is that we're not all meant to be or do the same things.
We're all equal... But we're all different too.
And we're all meant to be happy ... But we're not meant to be happy in the SAME WAY.
Can you imagine a world with only lawyers?!  or... Only doctors?! or... Only actors?!

We all tend to advice and pass our own personal "Happiness recipe" on to others.

Study this and there, work at that particular type of company, have that, live there, marry him/ stay single/ never divorce, make this amount of money, be a great Mom by doing this or that...

Sound familiar?

The recipe is that there is no recipe.
We need to take this wonderful experience that's living, as an amazing opportunity of self discovery.
To learn each day, as we go, who we truly are...
 We need to understand our inner selves in more depth, without passing any judgements to ourselves or to others, because...

                                       life is NOT a ONE WAY STREET...
                but a path we create ourselves as we walk through it

You'll be happy... once you find YOURSELF.

Keep looking.  Love yourself.  Think freely.


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