FOOD | Food Friday! Gourmet Sandwich

 Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

This is my Food Friday post, where I share with you what I ate Friday, on Saturday :)
So this is my favorite gourmet sandwich.  I had it yesterday for lunch.
It's actually one of my husband's specialties!

Yep! You heard it correctly, my significant other sure knows how to treat his girl :)
Am I lucky or... am I LUCKY?

Here are the Ingredients!

Warm Whole-wheat Pita Bread
Smoked Salmon
Philadelphia Cheese

Oh my!  This was beyond delicious!
Just looking at these pictures makes me want to eat another one today :)

I absolutely recommend you make one, if you like salmon like I do.
The combination of flavors is just perfect, in my humble opinion.

So, that's it for today!
Fingers crossed, I'll be filming a new beauty video for my Youtube Channel this afternoon.

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