BEAUTY | TOP 7 Beauty Sins! Are you guilty?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Many of us have been guilty  of some of these at some point or another. 

Here are the top 7 Beauty Sins, I suggest we avoid at all costs to stay gorgeous!

#7 ♥ Rubbing your eyes!
No matter if you're removing eye makeup or applying concealer...  ALWAYS DUB and NEVER RUB!  The skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive.  That's also why the first wrinkles usually appear in this area.  Be gentle to delay their appearance.  Use sunglasses and a good eye cream every night as soon as in your early or mid 20s. 

 #6 ♥ Dying your hair black!
Ok, I confess I'm completely GUILTY of this one!  When I was in my 2nd or 3rd year of University, I remember many friends had repeatedly advised to dye my hair BLACK.  They just thought my greenish blue eyes would contrast amazingly with super dark hair.  So I finally made up my mind and did it!  It's only hair I thought, I can always dye it back.  Going from super blond to black hair was a shock!  It looked ok, but no matter how many compliments I got, when I looked at the mirror I thought "this is NOT me!".  I had highlighted my hair since I was 14 years old!  It's ONLY hair I thought, I'll just easily go back to blond...  WRONG!  Once you've dyed your hair BLACK, going back is a nightmare and super damaging to your hair.  You need to go through a process called decapage that includes a lot of bleaching.  The morals of the story are:  First, going darker is easier and less damaging than going lighter :) And second,  if you must go darker, choose a dark BROWN hair color, and AVOID BLACK!

#5 ♥ Not getting enough sleep 
The famous expression "beauty sleep" is absolutely true!!! If you have enough rest to get your body's energy back you sure will feel refreshed and healthier... and THAT sure will make you look prettier!  Reduced puffiness and dark circles in your eyes, and less water retention are just a few of the benefits of a healing night's sleep. 

#4 ♥ Buying cheap foundation
You may have heard me talk, tweet  or write about this before... You can be cheap on many other makeup products but don't be cheap on your foundation!  If you think about it for a second, your foundation is on your face a lot more time than your night cream is, or any other skin care product in your routine.  Take your time to select the right foundation for your skin type and remember you won't regret making a small investment in it, specially if you're the type of girl that wears foundation every single day.

#3 ♥ Over-plucking Eye-Brows
GUILTY!  When I was a teenager, super thin eye brows were totally in!  I once went too far and got a very weird look :-(   That was the first and last time!  I have to thank my mother for warning me NOT TO do that again.  Overplucking your brows repeatedly will cause your hair to stop growing.  Now thicker and more defined eye brows are IN, and I am lucky to have quite a bit of hair in mine, which means I very rarely need to fill them in :)  Guess I stopped "sinning" in time!

#2 ♥ Sleeping with your makeup on
Sometimes we're just waaaay too tired...  We're all guilty of this at least ONCE in our lives, aren't we?!  Sleeping with your makeup on is for me on the TOP 2 DON'Ts!!!  From breakouts, clogged pores, premature wrinkles to eye infections, this is one of the worst things you can do.  For emergencies after very long days, keep some wipes in your purse or your night table.  But remember that removing your makeup and cleansing are two different steps.

#1 ♥ Sunbathing to dry up acne
Unbelievable, right?  The urban myth that sunbathing is actually good to get rid of acne is the WORST and most dangerous advice I've ever heard of and that's why it's my TOP Beauty sin!  If your skin is red or tanned, at first it may seem like your acne is better.  But if sunbathing alone is already damaging and cause of premature aging of your skin...  imagine what it could mean for acne!  Whoever got this one going around probably was unaware of the fact that sun exposure can cause discolorations and acne scarring.  In fact, if you're having a breakout, best thing you could do is NEVER leave home without SPF 25 or above!

Now it's YOUR turn!
Leave me a comment below and tell me what other beauty sins would you include in this list?

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  1. I always forget that I'm wearing eye makeup and then rub my eyes! Not only does my makeup smudge, mascara flakes into my eyes and then it makes my eyes itch even more so then I rub even harder. It's just a bad cycle that should've been stopped before the first rub...xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Thans for sharing your beauty sins with us Daphne! We love you! <3333

  2. My dad used to say that about the sun & acne. So glad I never listened to him. Lol!


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