REAL LIFE | What I LOVE doing on weekends!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Let's talk about free time :)

Last weekend we had to stay in for work reasons,
 and it made me realize just how important taking a break is!  Specially doing some out-door activity.   Because I was not able to take a proper R & R time, I felt a lot slower on Monday :-/   But that is not always the case!

We're very lucky to have a River Delta nearby and even luckier to have relatives that usually invite us to go sailing with them.

So, if you're curious the Argentinian River Delta and what some of us do there... here's what I vlogged a couple of months ago, so that I could
share it with you!


What would YOU do 
 every weekend, if you could?  Also, if you'd like me to make more vlogs like this one, let me know and checkout my Vlog Channel !

Send you love and see you on Twitter,


PS:  Before you leave...  Checkout my mini haul post!


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