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Happy Friday My Inside-Out Beauties!

Many of you may remember my post and video raving on Dove Damage Therapy Vital Keratin Dual Shot Treatment  .    As you know, I have a lot of very long and wild, frizzy hair, and this product absolutely saved it when I thought my only choices were either to chemically straightening it or just cutting it off.

I really love having long hair, so I'm always hopeful and willing to try new products.  I also had good results using Keratine Gel and Heat to eliminate frizz and achieve a slick straight hair style.

Here's a picture of my hair right now!

In a nutshell, I've had great experiences with products containing Keratin, or Vital Keratin, as Dove calls it.

And the beauty industry has certainly been launching more and more hair products containing these protein shocks in the last year or so...

All I can say is, I'm so glad they did!  Our hair and nails are made of this protein, so using keratin restores the matter lost in our hair due to chemical processes such as bleaching, perms, etc.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw a new Dove Keratin Shock Treatment at my local drugstore! 
I just had to get it and can't wait to try it out this weekend!  It's from a new line called Dove Hair Therapy and it comes with 4 simple steps:

1 + 2 ♥  Shampoo & Conditioner (with low PH),

3       ♥  Restructuring Hair mask and

4       ♥  Liquid Keratin

Even though it claims to be ideal for repairing chemically straightened hair, I have high expectations on what it could do for mine.  Will it meet my expectations? 

Stay tuned!  Hope to write a review on this Kit real soon!

Have you tried this product already?

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