MAKEUP | NAKED Palette - Night Golden Look ! Get sexy this weekend :)

Happy Friday My Inside-Out Beauties!

 Hope you had a amazing week :)

Today's post was requested by a very dear Youtube subscriber, Jennifer Boyd.
Back when I did my Naked Palette Day Look tutorial, she suggested I shared a Night Look.

I finally got the chance to get to her request, so here it is:  a Golden Night Look using Naked Palette (and a couple of other products too, which I mention on my video).


As always, here are a couple of notes and a step by step guide on how to achieve it!


Step 1!  Fill in brows using Naked Palette Toasted
Step 2!  Line eyes using Naked Palette Creep
Step 3!  Apply Naked Palette Half Baked to lid
Step 4!  Apply Naked Palette Smog to crease
Step 5!  Highlight inner corner and brow bone using Naked Palette Virgin

 If you want to see me achieving this look from start to finish, or if you're curious about the other products I used to complete this Golden Night look, just watch the following 2 min video tutorial!

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  1. Ah I love this! I wear something like this all of the time with my Naked Palette! I'm glad that I am not the only one who wears Half Baked! I saw a lot of people actually hated the color. They're crazy !

    1. Thanks Autumn! Half Baked is a lovely shade! I'm surprised and was not aware that a lot of people don't like it. I guess you just have to make a whole golden look including a neutral colored outfit to make it more wearable.
      Thank you for posting this comment love! See you on Twitter :) <333 Heidi


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