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Sonja Verardo
Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I'm so honored to be interviewing Sonja Verardo today.
Not only because she's a well known Fashionista and Stylehaul  Partner, but because she's the sweetest, down to earth and friendliest Beauty and Fashion Guru I've met thank to my Youtube Channel.

H:  Thank you so much Sonja for agreeing to be interviewed for TheInsideOutBeauty.com .
S:  Thank you for having me as a guest Heidi! 

 H:  Why don't we start by sharing with my readers a little bit about your origins?
S:  Well, I was born & raised in Croatia, but I have been living in Italy since July, 2007. ever since I got married.

H:  I love multicultural backgrounds!  What languages do you speak?
S:  I speak Croatian (my mother tongue), English, Italian and Spanish. In high-school I also learned German for four years, but I'm sorry to say I can't speak it.   This is something I would like to work
on, in the near future!

H:  How do you think your background influences what you blog/vlog about?

S: I think my background is a great influence! I was born in the ex- Yugoslavia, and when I was 10, the war started in my country. Luckily, my region wasn't directly affected, but we still felt the horrible consequences of the war. I believe my growing up in a country affected by war  has made me a very strong and down-to-earth person, who loves life, and no negative comment can affect me, really, because I know what's really important in life.

H:  Wow... it's so generous of you to share that experience, growing up in the war.  I'm sure it was a life changing experience, that sure gives you perspective. If you had to describe yourself with 5 words... which would those be?
 S: That's very hard, I usually let other describe me, but let me try...I'll concentrate on the good, of course:)

H:  Sure!
S:  Dreamer, "crazy", emotional, creative, intelligent...

H:. I can sure relate to those qualities... no surprise we bonded real fast Sonja! I love your blog and channel, specially your fashion posts, have you always loved fashion? 
S: Yes, I have! My Mum was always very fashionable! Growing up, we didn't have a lot of fashion stores in Yugoslavia, and neither later on, in the war affected Croatia, but my Mum always managed to dress well, she always had an eye for fashion! When I was older, I went to study to Milan, Italy, and there is where I discovered a whole new world of fashion...when I returned home to Rijeka, Croatia, my style was completely re-vamped!
I also lived in the UK, London, for one year, and there is where I fell in love with thrifting and a bit more unconventional way of expressing yourself, your personality, or just your mood of that day, through fashion and styling!

 H:  I couldn't agree more with your concept!  To me style is the art of self expression. How long have you been Blogging and making Youtube videos?
 S: I started recording in June 2009. I can't believe it's soon going to be my 4th year of blogging!!!

H:  4 years!  That's so impressive!  Why did you name it missfashionkitty?
S: I'm actually not fully satisfied with my blog's name, it's just a silly nick name that I came up with years ago...  I'm actually going to change the name of my blog soon, and nowdays I just go by Sonia Verardo :)

H:  I like that name much more! What's your favorite subject for Blogging and Youtube videos?
S: My favorite subject are "Fashion How To" videos/posts where I can help out my viewers/readers with some new styling ideas and give them inspiration! I also like doing product reviews, I think these videos are very helpful to many people who are interested in that particular product!

 Sometimes I really enjoy doing make up tutorials and product reviews, especially if I'm super excited about the product that I've discovered, and feel like sharing this with the rest of the community! Then, I'll be into hair & hair styling, then there are periods when I enjoy filming vlogs...but I guess my biggest passion are fashion type of videos.

H: What or Who inspired you to make YouTube Videos?
S: At the time, I had just moved to Italy from my hometown in Croatia and I didn't have much friends here. I was spending a lot of time on the internet... One day I have discovered this amazing beauty community on Youtube, where girls and women of all ages were sharing their beauty tricks. I felt it was such a positive place and I wanted to be a part of it, as I myself have always been very passionate about all the topics fashion and beauty related.

H:  Who's your favorite YouTube Channel to watch?
S:  I have a long list of my favorite girls to watch, but mostly they're newer gurus who are genuine and have something interesting to offer to the audience.
There are a few exceptions though, I have been following some well known gurus since they started, and those who have stayed genuine and humble, are still on my subscriptions list.


H:  How do you come up with NEW ideas for your videos?
S: I don't have to think too much about it, I'm full of ideas! They just come to me, like an inspiration! I have so many ideas, that I have to write them down in a notebook in order to remember them all, when the time comes for the filming!
My great audience who comments and sends in requests is also a great source of inspiration!

H: How often do you record?
S: I record very often , I usually upload 3 to 4 videos a week, sometimes even more than that!

H: That's amazing!  Making videos, from personal experience, takes a lot of time and effort.  What's your favorite Designer?
S: I actually don't have one favorite designer! Each season I'll be inspired by a different designer :)

H:  Absolutely!  Same happens to me... I'm not a one brand girl either :) What do you think your subscribers and blog followers have found in you?
S: I think they can relate to me because I'm not acting up, pretending to be somebody else! What you see is what you get with me. I'm very genuine and down- to-earth. It would be impossible for me to fake for almost 4 years! I do this because I really enjoy blogging, it's my passion and I give 100% of myself to this. My viewers can get to know me & my personality a bit better through TAG videos & vlogs that I often like to do. I think they like me for simply being me! :)

H:  As one of your readers and subscribers, I have to agree that's what I loved most about you.  I feel you're genuine and I think I'm a very perceptive person.... What's the post or video you've enjoyed the most working on so far?
 S:  I really enjoy filming outdoor fashion videos, when I'm in some kind of a nice location, so I can mix nature & beautiful sights with my OOTD. Those are the videos I enjoy making the most!

H: Few people know you're a published Author!  I know because I'm a fan :) How do you think that is linked to Your Work as a Blogger and Youtuber?
Sonja Verardo
 S: I published two books in Italian language with co-author Guido Tanca. The books were published in 2004. and 2007, before I even started thinking about opening my blog, or Youtube channel.  But, I was always very creative and I always felt the need to "communicate with the world". So I guess this is how I would relate this previous work to my blog & Youtube today.

H:  Yes, communicating is very important to many of us Bloggers and Youtubers.  Now, I want to ask you a question related to the spirit of my Blog: How do you cultivate your inner beauty, meaning mental, spiritual and physical health?
S: I try to always get enough sleep (I think it's important not only for the outer beauty, but for the mental health as well!), eat well, have a good laugh with hubby & friends...

H:  I agree! Diet, R&R and sense of humor are key for our Inner Beauty. Do you have hobbies, other than your interest in Fashion?
S:   My only hobby is actually vlogging/blogging!

H:  As if that wasn't time consuming enough right? Ha Ha Ha!  Thank you so much again for your time and friendship Sonja.  Why don't you tell us all where we can find you?
S: Thank you, my dear amiga, for interviewing me!
Your readers can find me here:

This was so much fun!
Hope you all go checkout Sonja's Blog & Channel.
Also, I'd like to mention that Sonja had the generosity of interviewing me for her Blog too.
You can read that interview by clicking right here.

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