I have a confession to make... right here, right now.I've always been very bad at sports!
There... I said it :D  I really can't complain because God gave me so many other gifts. But, coordination was not one of those!

I mentioned on my About Heidi section, that I've always struggled with keeping a healthy weight, and this partially explains why :P

Here's the thing...

Every time I tell myself "Time to stop working and go out exercise a bit", a conversation starts going on in my mind between my lazy side and the perfectionist in me... 

...And to be honest, Ms Perfect doesn't always win
because Ms Lazy presents so many great excuses!   LOL

Ms Perfect thinks she should go to the gym 365 days a year, to have Halle Berry's body, and Ms Lazy gets frustrated by Ms Perfect unrealistic demands... get the picture?

So what do I do? I negotiate with myself!  And set up a new goal half way in between EVERYTHING and NOTHING!

I go out for a 1 hour fast paced walk to the park with my husband, around 3-4 times a week.  
I know it's not much, but it does help!   When I keep this up regularly, I manage to keep a stable weight throughout the year... even during vacations and holidays!  And as a BONUS, it keeps my stress levels down!

What do you guys do?

Follow me to the park where I usually do this... Here's the vlog!
(Notice how my husband  is not so sure about being involved in this one!  It was our first!).


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