BLOGGING TIPS | Blogging Tips I Learned from the Movie Julie & Julia *spoiler alert*

Welcome to Motivation Monday my Inside-Out Beauties!

Mondays are so hard!  So, I decided to start posting Motivation Monday posts, so we can all start the week with enthusiasm! And today's posts is dedicated to all girls and women that have a project, a dream, and more specifically to my dear fellow Beauty Bloggers who, just like me, are always looking for new blogging tips.    I was deeply inspired by a movie I watched named Julie & Julia, which by the way, is the true story of the first years of a Cooking/Food Blogger.   Have you watched it?  If not, stop reading right here, go watch it but please come back later to read the rest :D

If you already have, and would like to read the Blogging Tips I extracted from this movie... here they are!

1 ♥    Find Inspiration!
In the movie, Julie & Julia, Julie Powell is a young 30 year old blogger that is inspired by Julia Child a famous Cook and book Author ( played by Meryl Streep ).  Julie's admiration for Julia ignited a passion that motivated her to start her blog, where she shared her learnings as she tries Julia Child's recipes.
Ask yourself... who is your inspiration?
A famous Blogger, Youtuber, writer, an actress, a singer, a Mommy ...?
There are really no rules, no right or wrong answers.
The important thing is the effect that that person has in your heart.
That moment of Epiphany or Self discovery, when it just clicks... 
"This is me! This is what I want to do!"

2 ♥    Set a Goal and Communicate it to your Readers!
Julie starts her blog and has a very specific goal that she communicated to all her audience.

"365 Days, 524 Recipes."

What's your blog's?

3 ♥    Be Persistent!
Stick to the goal you've set.  It will be hard, sometimes you'll wonder if it's even possible.
Just stop your negative thinking, keep going and forget about everything else.
In the movie, you'll see Julie struggling to meet her 524 recipes in 365 days goal.

4 ♥    Believe in Yourself and in Your Blog!
You have to be very deeply convinced of what you have to offer through your blog.
You must be your own number 1 fan, or no one else will follow.
Remember it's you and your blog.

5 ♥    Get someone else, other than yourself, to believe in you!
Find at least one other person,  an ally, an accomplice, a partner  to believe in you.
Your best friend, your Mom, a sibling, your boyfriend or husband.
Someone who will support you emotionally along the way, and who admires what you're doing or trying to accomplish.
In Julie Powell's case, and in mine,  it's the husband :)

6 ♥    Share!
Be generous and genuine with your readers by sharing personal experiences and valuable tips on whatever topic you decide to blog about.   As Julie reminds her husband "I'm a blogger, of course it's everything about me". 

7 ♥    Expect 1-2 melt downs!
 You will have crisis of faith along the way.  Don't be surprised if you encounter them.
Julie had many of them too!

8 ♥    Be prepared for critics and haters!

In the movie you see how Julie Powell's boss finds out about her blog and something she had shared there, and threatens to fire her :-/
Every time someone steps up from the crowd, there will be critics, and haters.
Some will do this anonymously through the internet, others will say it to your face or communicate it in other ways that diminish what you're doing... and many others will just talk behind you.
It's a given. This happens to any person (not only bloggers) that decides to gain more exposure.
As you blog gets bigger, and you get more followers, your critics will grow too.
As I always say, doers have no time to criticize or hate.
You're learning in public.  You'll make mistakes and you can't please everyone.
No one can.   Focus on the people who love and value what you're giving them.

9 ♥     Pick yourself up!
 If you're having a melt down or are overwhelmed by critics, it's alright to  have  a crisis of faith in any project or to question your project.  Cry all you want, go for a run, release some stress, but please get back on the horse! 

10 ♥   Rome wasn't built in a day... be Patient!
 Blogging and You-tubing are a lot of hard word.  When I started myself a couple of months ago, it was clear to me I had underestimated how time consuming both these activities are.  If you're serious about blogging like Julie, it will take a lot of hard work.  Just remember if you have the passion, the dream, an ally, the faith and persistence, generosity, resilience and patience... you'll get anywhere you want to go!

Was this helpful?  
Could you add your 2 cents in the comments below?

Come back tomorrow for more!   :)

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  1. I love this girl. Very inspirational please keep up the good work. Sorry I haven't been to your blog lately. I haven't made a post in a week. Finally did a post show decided to check other bloggers I love. Please check out my latest blog post.

    1. Thanks Atinuke! I'm glad you found this inspirational! Have you watched the movie? I'll go checkiut your blog now lovely <3 Heidi

  2. WOW this is so helpful
    thanks so much dear :)

    1. I'm so glad you found this helpful Eve and that you took the time to tell me so!
      Thanks so much!

  3. Excellent post - thanks so much for this!! :o)

    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to read and comment. That means so much to me!

  4. This was so inspiring! Loved it!


  5. Thanks Bella! That's probably the best compliment I can get. <3

  6. Thank you for sharing this post Heidi. I know a lot of blogging is about how much people will spend just to get noticed and the suchlike, but you have shown the other side of it - the actual emotional side of blogging. You know I am only just starting out and it can be a bit hit and miss due to my health, but I have got a much clearer sight of what I want to accomplish than I did when I started it out, just under a month ago. What you have written has given me just what I needed. I know that I can write about what I want to write about - not to rush out and buy something that everyone else has just to make a blog entry on it.

    Yes, I am a lot older than most of the beauty bloggers out there, but what they don't realize is that a lot of people my age actually look to them for reviews and inspiration etc. I am going to take my cue from that and show how it can be adapted for people in their late 30's, early 40's.

    Fab entry as ever

    Fi xoxox

  7. Thank you for this hunny!!!
    I'm not a new blogger but I never stop learning :)

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby - Baby & Lifestyle Blog

  8. AdventuresOfLolaWatersAugust 27, 2013 at 2:48 AM

    Thanks! That was very helpful. I have to watch that movie now lol!

  9. Awww Thanks so much Fi! You're the sweetest! I guess I've shown the emotional side because blogging is like a window to our soul. I know they say that about your eyes, but it's TRUE about blogging too LOL What I mean is, I'm a very emotional person, and I guess it shows here. And I'm glad :)

    I'm sure you will succeed with your blog. Age is no issue AT ALL! I've seen 70 year old bloggers. There's an audience for everyone. Keep going Fi!

    <3 Heidi

  10. Oh you MUST Lola!!! I need to watch it AGAIN! Loved it!

  11. Thanks Heidi! Helped loads!!

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