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Hi Girls!

So here's my first OOTD post! And this was requested by Fareena (TheUltimateFind Youtube Channel).  Thank you Fareena! 

Let me go in more detail into this  "Pretty In Pink"  Outfit of the Day!  

I was filming the Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial, so I thought, I'd put together an outfit in Pink too, and just show you what I would typically match with that makeup look.

Remember it is summer where I live... But I guess this could inspire those of you in the northern hemisphere who can't wait for summer to arrive!

This is a simple, casual outfit I would usually wear during weekends.  As you can see in the pictures, I'm wearing a comfy white cotton tank top with a big heart made of pink flowers.  The Heart has an inscription in its border that says: "Any time I'm with you all my dreams come true..."

There's a longer inscription in black in the back that says "everytime you're not around, it's like time had stopped..." and it goes on and on with very romantic words.  The Tank Top is from a local brand called Cuesta Blanca.   

Then, I'm wearing a baby pink denim short, that ends in a fringe, from another local brand called 47th Street. I bought this quite loose as well, because I really wanted to feel comfortable enough to wear this regularly.  I just hate not being able to move inside my own casual clothes.


To accessorize it, I did a very simple thing: tied a baby pink bandana to my wrist.  I thought it just completed this casual Pretty in Pink look!  What do you think?

To complete the outfit, I use this handbag and shoes from another local brand called Blaqué.

Both mix a nice had fabric with a square pattern in lavender, pink and yellow, Leather in a nude color, and big silver buckles.

Many thanks to my hubby for helping me out here.  He was my photographer!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. Write me some love here dolls! I always enjoy reading and answering your comments!

  2. I love it! It's so spring-y looking! :)) The short are to die for!!



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