FASHION | Outfit of the Night (OOTN) What I wore to my hubby's Bday Party!

Helloooo my Inside-Out Beauties!

Today I bring you a fashion post ;)

If you're following me on Twitter, you may already know that we hosted a small party to celebrate my husband's birthday, so I thought I might as well take a few Instagram shots to show you guys what I wore that night!

So, here they are!


♥  Top

 I wore a 2 piece sleeveless loose blouse.  A white cotton tank top below with embroided tul flowers in the lower border.  And a white translucent tul blose on top, also with embroided flowers.


♥  Skirt

 My skirt was from Zara, and had silver ice pale blue Sequins all over it. 

  ♥  Shoes

 I wore silver stilettos from a brand called XAppeal. 




♥  Accessories

 I completed the look with my silver Gucci bracelet watch, a dark gray sequins purse and silver and crystal stud earrings.  (Wedding and engagement ring always on!).

What do you think? 

 Is this something YOU would wear?


Leave you to my video now :)

"Fashions fade, but style is eternal" - Yves St Laurent


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  1. I love the skirt so much, this is such a cute outfit love it !

    Charlie xoxo

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Charlie! I'm glad you liked it girl <3 Heidi

  2. Wow this outfit is one word....amazing! http://androvon.blogspot.com/


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