VLOGGING | How to Get Featured on My Youtube Channel !

Do want to get YOUR Channel Featured on My Youtube Featured Channel's list for 1 month?

Here's how!

♥  You need to have a Youtube Channel (Fashion, Beauty or Music related) with at least 1 video up

♥   Subscribe to my Youtube ChannelClick here to do so, if you haven't already!

♥  Then Follow my Blog by clicking here OR on the signature follow button OR on the Top Menu Follow Blog option.

And You're in!  SUPER EASY!

4 channels will be RANDOMLY selected EACH month using a website called Random.org

Winners will be announced by me on Twitter only, so make sure you're following @TheioBeauty there ! Which means you get a shoutout for your Channel on TWITTER too!!!

This will hopefully be an ongoing thing, if everything works out for everyone :D 


Feel free to watch the following video, to learn more.  

The contest is explained at the end of the Tutorial (  2:24 ) 


THANK YOU for participating and supporting TheInsideOutBeauty.com Blogazine & Channel! 

See you on Twitter !

Let's connect!


  1. This is such a great and sweet idea, especially since nowadays it's so hard for everyone to get "noticed" on youtube since everyone and their mum's are doing videos now ! Have a great day sweetheart !

    Charlie xoxo

  2. Why are you so sweet??? And why have I only found you now?

    1. Thanks Ash! That has to be the nicest comment I've ever received! <3


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