BEAUTY | DIY : French Manicure for Dummies (Like Me!)

French Manicure can be made easy!  Even if you're clumsy and have shaky hands like me!

These are the steps and products I use to make my French Manicure look professional, even though I'm not even close to being an expert!

♥  Step 1 !  I wash my hands and give my nails a rounded shape with the help of a nail file.

♥  Step 2 !  I apply Dead Sea Cosmetics Cuticle Oil to nourish my cuticles and avoid cutting them.  Ohhhhh, I would never do that!  Even the thought of it makes me feel pain!

♥  Step 4!  I moisturize my hands using Dead Sea Cosmetics  Hand & Body lotion.

♥  Step 5!  I apply  Maybelline New York's Conditioning Treatment, to help my nails remain strong!

♥  Step 6!  I paint the tips of my nails using Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Polish in a dark white shade called Iron.

I realize this is the toughest step!  Checkout my video below, to see exactly how I do it.

♥  Step 7!  I apply 3 coats of a lighter milky way white  shade.  This time I'm using Maybelline's Colorama.


♥  Step 8!  I remove any excess nail polish from the borders of my nails, using Dead Sea Cosmetics Nail Pusher rubber end.

 ♥  Step 9!  To get my nails dry in 40 seconds, I apply Maybelline's Express Finish.  I'm too anxious to wait linger than that to be able to use my hands again, so THANK YOU Maybelline for this one!  It works amazing!

♥  Step 10!  Last but not least, I erase any mistakes I made (which are usually quite a few) by using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.  


Click on the video tutorial below to see exactly how I do it!

Hope you found this EASY, because it really is guys!  Promise!

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