HAIRSTYLES | How to Style Your Bangs! EASY Step by Step!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
How many of you have bangs?

I have 2 layers of bangs of different lengths!  And sometimes I don't even use them.  But I love having them, because I believe they give me more alternatives.  When worn down, bangs are the perfect frame to your face, so styling them is very important!

Here's how I style my bangs in 6 SUPER EASY steps!
Let's get started...

STEP 1:  I take both layers of my bangs (long and shorter one) together with one hand.  Make sure they're wet first!

STEP 2:  Then I take my round brush, brush my bangs and place the brush behind my bangs and near my roots.

STEP 3:  I grab my blow dryer.  In my opinion, it's important to use a nozzel, because it directs and concentrates the heat coming out of the blow dryer better, and this just makes things faster! Most professional blow dryers come with this accessory.

STEP 4: Next I use my brush to tighten my bangs, while I blow dry them.  Make your brush rotate, a little, as you do this.

STEP 5: Then, I separate the longer layer and repeat Step 4 on my shorter bangs only.

STEP 6:  Last, I use my Mini Gamma Italy Ceramic Laser Ion, to finish the look.

So, how do you style YOUR bangs?
Click below to view the 1 minute video that shows this step by step in motion!  :)

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